How does feminism harm women

The network of anti-feminists : When fragile masculinity becomes dangerous

For example in the "crime scene". Matthias Enderle often finds the distribution of roles unfair. The male commissioner is basically the less empathetic, less clever. Enderle says: "The women are portrayed in a more balanced way." That is a sign of the discrimination against men.

There are many more of these signs. If you believe the “Manndat” association headed by Matthias Enderle, there is a “general culture of hate against men” in Germany. There is "constant agitation against white men", in particular the SPD is in a "war against men". On the phone, the 52-year-old said it was a shame that many “anti-male theses” could hardly be discussed objectively. About the claim that women are paid less.

In the scene of so-called men's rights activists, which has grown in Germany in recent years, Enderle's association Manndat is one of the most important players. There are clubs, initiatives, congresses, blogs. What they all have in common is the conviction that feminism has caused great damage in Germany - the real disadvantaged today are men.

The activists oppose this, strive for political influence, want to be taken seriously in public and enforce male-friendly laws. They have achieved some success with their lobbying, in which they proclaim their feelings as facts. You are already involved in a Bundestag party, and it's not even the AfD.

Are men in Germany only “disposable items”?

The spectrum of anti-feminists is wide and well networked. There are long-standing contenders like the Berlin publicist Gunnar Kunz, who considers feminism to be the "greatest threat to democracy since the Federal Republic of Germany" existed. Men are "disposable items" whose well-being nobody is particularly concerned about. Kunz is not available for an interview with Tagesspiegel.

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There is the blogger Hadmut Danisch, who writes the following about the nature of women: "On the one hand, she demands positions on the boards of the largest companies, on the other hand, she cannot even independently and reliably decide who to fuck with." if the woman changes her mind later, “the matter will be retrospectively declared a rape at the man's expense.” Danisch is not available for an interview.

National Socialism was female

The website is very popular among anti-feminists and stands for “How much, equal rights‘ can the country tolerate? ”Hatred of women is openly lived there. In the forum, men explain that lesbians should be raped in order to make them heterosexual. National Socialism was essentially female. And the Harvey Weinstein affair has only proven one thing: what women are willing to do for money and attention. Weinstein's victims are ridiculed in the forum as "mourners". The operator of the site is not available for an interview.

Matthias Enderle, the chairman of “Manndat”, says that no solutions can be found with misogyny. There is definitely no hatred in his club. He also defends himself against the label of anti-feminism. His association is only feminismcritical. His words about hate forums like WGvdL are chosen with care. Enderle keeps his distance, but does not judge her.

Enderle had his first doubts when he went to the doctor

He first felt that he was being discriminated as a man when he was in his mid-30s. Then he said to his family doctor: "I would really like to have cancer screening." She told him that he would only get it from 45 and would have to wait ten years. Enderle says: "That was the first crack."

He wanted to use mandat to educate, for example about the “belief”, men were more prone to domestic violence: “I always had the feeling that something could not be right. I didn't experience myself like that, nor did I experience other men like that. I've never been violent. "

Current statistics such as those of the federal government, according to which 81 percent of all victims of intimate partner violence are women, and in the case of sexual assault in partnerships the figure is as high as 98 percent, are questioned by men’s rights activists, belittled, rejected as “ideologically motivated”. Such numbers only served to “demonize” the man.

The activists counter with their own studies. One is that men who rub testosterone gel on their upper arms and shoulders are more likely to be willing to donate money to charity.

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Matthias Enderle says that the discrimination against his sex is also evident in the reporting on homicides: "When a man kills, it is immediately clear that he did it for base motives." That he murdered out of pure lust for violence. With a woman it is easy to say that she "wanted to protect someone, that she was in an exceptional situation and could not do otherwise."

Boys, says Enderle, experience disadvantages in education. This is due, for example, to the fact that there are too few men among the teachers and too little consideration is given to the interests of boys. His association has therefore drawn up a list of books that he recommends to teachers for teaching. Among them there are a lot of football, dragon and adventure stories, but also the novel "Zick", in which the main character Jan "really shows the stupid twin bitches".

Coincidentally, there are several books by Gunnar Kunz on the recommendation list. This is the author who considers feminism to be the "greatest threat to democracy since the Federal Republic of Germany" came into being.

How widespread anti-feminism is in the country

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs assumes that five percent of all German men are openly anti-feminist, for example agreeing to the sentence: “Women have been promoted enough by politics, now it's the turn of the men.” A third of all men are for individual anti-feminist “attitudes or Facets receptive ”.

Young women like Greta Thunberg are among the movement's worst enemy images. But also men who stand up for women's rights. They are called "purple poodles". It is said that they betrayed their own gender.

On the other hand, the anti-feminists have some heroines. For example the late actress Hannelore Elsner, because three years ago she described the Metoo debate as "lying". They see Elsner as the key witness of their thesis that Weinstein's victims really wanted to "sleep up".

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Gunnar Kunz complains in his blog that the corona crisis is being abused by feminists. The alleged increase in domestic violence is just a “feminist fantasy”, a deliberate lie in order not to be driven out by “the top of the victim Olympiad” in the pandemic. Kunz writes: "The attempts to exploit the suffering of other people, to take away aid measures and to use them for their own purposes, have always been part of the feminist movement."

The so-called "Incels" also belong to the spectrum of anti-feminism. Men who say they have no prospect of sex and resent women for this. Her conviction: women are superficial, cruel and just evil. Incels demand that the state oblige women to have sex with men.

Misogyny as a motive for acts of terrorism

More and more often, hatred on the internet leads to violence in the real world. A number of right-wing attackers in recent years have been anti-feminists: Anders Breivik as well as the multiple murderers from Halle and Hanau, Christchurch, El Paso and Toronto. The motive of misogyny is still underestimated in many terrorist acts, says sociologist Andreas Kemper on the phone: “This factor is not highlighted enough.” For years, Kemper has dealt with anti-feminism and its consequences. There are quite a few "Breivik understanders" in the scene who actually consider the assassin a victim. Ultimately, he had to freak out because feminism and political correctness harassed him.

What misogynists turn into murderers is what Andreas Kemper calls "apocalyptic masculinity". A masculinity aimed at destroying the enemy. A masculinity that "pays off".

First lawsuits filed, then murdered

Often only after a long lead time. In the United States last month, an anti-feminist attempted to shoot a federal judge allegedly too women-friendly. Previously, as a lawyer, the man had sued for years against discrimination against men, for example against club owners who promised women cheaper drinks at "Ladies' Nights". While trying to storm the judge's house, the lawyer killed her son.

The anonymous death threats signed “NSU 2.0” were initially directed exclusively against women and contained sexist abuse and rape fantasies.

At times misogyny mixes with anti-Semitism. In his confessional video, the assassin von Halle declared that secret powers had invented feminism in order to reduce the birth rate and thus exterminate the peoples of the West. And these secret powers are of course the Jews.

You want to appear and design seriously

Andreas Kemper, the sociologist, says on the phone that the spectrum of anti-feminists is broad. But the overlap between the various camps is greater than suggested by the outside world. “And the transitions are fluid.” In fact, there are points of contact between associations of the men's rights movement and misogynist portals. “The movement split ten years ago,” says Kemper. The more moderate, serious wing has made a strategic decision. “The associations want to be socially recognized, trustworthy and scientifically guided.” In order to be invited as experts in television programs. To be able to supply the media with statistics. To be taken seriously and to be able to shape.

He used to write in "Compact Magazine"

In fact, Manndat members like the publicist Arne Hoffmann were still active in the WGvdL's hate forum ten years ago. Hoffmann described it as the “central discussion forum of the men's movement”. He published one of his books in the publishing house of the extreme right-wing Götz Kubitschek, and also wrote for his blog “Secession” and right-wing platforms such as “Die Freie Welt”, the editor of which is Beatrix von Storch's husband. Hoffmann gave interviews to the “Junge Freiheit” several times, warning about “fascist aspects” in feminism. In Jürgen Elsässer 's "Compact" magazine, he published the text "From Hitler to Breivik: The misery of fatherlessness".

Mandate, in turn, gave AfD right-winger Hans-Thomas Tillschneider a forum. In an interview, Tillschneider said that between men and women there should be “a different weighting of rights and duties that is appropriate to their nature”.

How they are already influencing the FDP

With their tactic of being serious and by no means right, the men's rights activists have already achieved a bit of normalization, says Andreas Kemper. The next goal is to be seen as an acceptable interlocutor on the political stage. In the best case, on an equal footing with the women's associations.

This has already been achieved a couple of times. At the request of the FDP, two activists from Manndat were heard as experts on health policy in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. Arne Hoffmann wrote afterwards: “So far the men's rights movement has been part of the extra-parliamentary opposition. With the FDP we are currently gaining access to the parliamentary level. "

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In general, the movement in the FDP - next to the AfD - has gained the strongest foothold. Party members founded their own association three years ago, which is supposed to work in and out of the party: the “Liberal Men”. The founding was initiated by members of the men's rights association Manndat. It is said that similar efforts are being made in other parties.

Matthias Enderle finds it unfair that as soon as men have had a traffic accident, the reason given is “excessive speed”. For women, on the other hand, it is said “for an unknown cause”. On the road, he experiences that “for many women, their eyes are elsewhere, for example on their cell phones. That is inattention. "

There are reasons for outbreaks of violence, he says

Enderle also finds it unfair that there is so little talk about the dangerous male professions that lead to fatal industrial accidents. “It is significant that no one there screams for equal distribution.” And he has an explanation for some male outbreaks of violence: a lack of prospects. Sins of omission in the last 30 years, especially in the education sector, have resulted in “today a high number of men with no prospects”.

Mr. Enderle, in your opinion, are there no cases in which women are still discriminated against today?

Yes, says Matthias Enderle, and his answer speaks for itself. Women deserve “more education” about what they want in life, what the consequences are and whether they are willing to accept them. Many women find themselves in situations that they perceive as a disadvantage because they “simply made up their minds” and now have problems with the consequences. “Either because they did not consider the consequences or they did not take them seriously.” This applies to women who have decided to raise the child on their own and then “find that they are overwhelmed by themselves”. Enderle says: "You could convey that with a little more foresight you can avoid a lot."

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