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Franke Mondial: The hot water tap with water filter

Design and versions: Mondial hot water faucet from Franke

The design of the Mondial hot water faucet from Franke exudes puristic elegance. All in all, round shapes dominate the design of the stainless steel manufactured boiling water faucet. The "rounded" and harmonious design language of the kitchen mixer fits into almost every kitchen and, for example, creates an attractive contrast to angular sink designs.

Thanks to the high, curved spout that can be swiveled through 360 °, for example, high saucepans or the thermos can be easily filled with hot water because there is sufficient freedom of movement around the spout.

Also the Design of the controls Franke succeeded: The operating lever on the right-hand side is characterized by its slim design. This control lever can be used to regulate the flow of water and the temperature of "normal" tap water. On the left side you will find the control element for controlling the hot water and cold water mode (only available on the Mondial 4 in 1 model). This is one rotatable push button with modern "LED light ring". The LED lighting not only has a creative function here, it is also part of the Mondial operating concept.

The hot water filter fitting is inserted into the both versions "Mondial 3 in 1" and "Mondial 4 in 1" offered. If you want maximum comfort, you can equip the sink area with the 4-in-1 version, which also dispenses filtered cold drinking water.