Does paid search influence organic search

Google Search: Natural and Paid Search Results

When you search for something with a specific search term on Google, Google will give you two types of search results: natural and paid.

In the middle, Google shows ten natural search results per page. The display of these organic hits is based on the Google search algorithm. The text ads at the top, on the right in the margin column and partly also at the bottom are paid text ads. They are marked in yellow with the word Ads and are called Google AdWords.

Naturally Top on Google

The websites that, according to Google, have themost helpful results for the respective request deliver. Google speaks of relevance.

There are thousands if not millions of web pages with helpful information for a search query on Google. With the help ofGoogle search algorithm Google assigns the multitude of ads in the search results.

This Google search algorithm includes over200 individual indicators. Nobody knows them all. And it is constantly being tweaked - numerous modifications are made every year.

To be at the forefront in the organic part of Google, good content, a search engine optimized website and internal and external links are required.

TheSearch engine optimizationdeals with positively influencing the position of your own website. The result is more traffic, more reach and greater awareness on the Internet.

Paid search results - it's not just the budget that matters

In addition to the natural search results, Google shows us up to eleven paid advertisements per search query. The appearance of these Google AdWords ads is triggered by entering certain search terms, so-called keywords.

For example, if you "Office supplies" your ads may appear when someone searches for terms like "file folder" or "photo paper". The advertisement can be aimed exactly at the target group, also geographically.

Google Adsworks similarly to oneauction. The more advertisers vying for a keyword, the higher the price per click (CPC, cost-per-click).

In addition to the competition, other factors also determine the actual costs. Thequality The ads, the keywords and the landing page is also essential to success and cost. Likewise the strategy and direction of the Google AdWords campaign.

One advantage of AdWords:It is advertising that only costs if it works! You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website.

With Google AdWords, advertisers can set their daily budget flexibly - there is no minimum amount. You decide on the daily budget, the amount of the click price and when the campaign will be stopped again.