Sex feels good

How does sex feel


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Before you think I have demented because of the headline and have forgotten what sex feels like, don't worry, my mental health is guaranteed.

The above question arises to me after reading a text that was told alternately from the perspective of the female and male main character. At the end of the text there is sex between the two and you read the encounter from both perspectives, so to speak.
The author writes about this: she asked her ex-boyfriend how sex feels for a man and incorporated his answers.
Now I would be interested in how it is for "real" people, because the text made me curious about how men actually feel about sex. I think the men are certainly also interested in how it is for us women.

Do you think you could try describing how sex feels to you?

How do erotic touch feel, where are you particularly sensitive?
How does the penetration feel, is it tight, soft, warm, moist, dry, good or does it over-stimulate you?
What is the best part about sex?
How do the bumps feel?
Do you feel the back bump?
Are there big differences between the different positions?
Do feelings make a difference to you?
Do you need fantasies in the meantime or do you always concentrate on what is happening?
Are you planning a sexual encounter, do you also worry about the technology or does it all happen spontaneously?
How does your orgasm feel and what physical signs do you get in yourself?

I would really be interested.