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Berlin : Bad girls go everywhere

"An exciting rough cut through the female facets of the Berlin music scene" Susanne Messmer

It's boiling hot in the city and everyone just wants the beer garden. Anyone who wants to listen to music would rather be content with the sidewalk sound of the cafés than squeeze themselves between sticky bodies in smoke-filled concert halls. But remedial action can be taken tomorrow. One of the few open airs in the city takes place in the middle of the green on the island of youth. The fact that parents can have their Moppels looked after, that women mainly play in the bands, that the festival is committed to "an exciting rough cut through the female facets of the Berlin music scene" is not the greatest for the organizers or for those involved Role.

Actually, nobody really wants to talk about it anymore. "That woman thing has never mattered to us before," says Diane of the Lemonbabies. The Lemonbabies is the most successful Berlin all-girl group. She firmly believes that ten years from now there will be as many women in the music industry as there are men. For them it is the most normal thing in the world that women need a lot of stamina to assert themselves in the male domain of pop. But the flat marketing strategies of the mainstream now call for an almost unbearably softened Brigitte feminism. Unlike the lemon babies, women are more aware of this and go more remote.

Evelin Höhne works independently. Not only does she draw stunning comics, but she also runs her own label, "Fucky". She collects bands like postage stamps. In addition to Art Of Kissing and Metalloop, which will appear at the festival, she also sings with Minitchev, named after an old GDR oven. The music she prefers couldn't be more brittle. Mostly the listener has moments of happiness when he thinks he can hear beautiful melodies out of all the squeaky and rumbling noise. If you ask Evelin about her motivation to play at a women’s festival, she replies that she’s about something else: “It’s going to be my first open air,” she says, “it must be much better to see the sky than just that Ceiling of a club. Maybe I'll feel like Boris Becker. "Also:" I'm not a kindergarten teacher! ".

Cobra Killer hail from Alec Empire's label Digital Hardcore Recording and his riot troupe Atari Teenage Riot. In this environment, nothing is prescribed for the girls' band, nobody is required to hand over their music. Their music is aggressive and angry - because the world revolution doesn't work again. Therefore, for Cobra Killer, the question of class comes before the women. "We don't make gender-specific music and are against the separation concept of this festival," says front woman Gina.

But there must be some reason why women want to organize and participate in a women's festival. Of course, it is clear to everyone involved: In Germany, the proportion of women in pop music is less than ten percent. At Gema, only two percent of the registered composers are women in the rock / pop area. Women go to fewer rock concerts than men. Women collect records less often and there is no functioning network that would facilitate access to rehearsal rooms, for example. Even if a woman like Heike "was always integrated in a boy clique", the friendship usually ended when the latest CD was rented out. The exchange between the boys went smoothly, "If you wanted to take part as a girl, you weren't taken seriously. They didn't want us to penetrate their area." "Ssshee!" With the Lemonbabies, TGV (with Elena Lange from Stella), Barbara Morgenstern, Cobra Killer, Art Of Kissing, Metalloop, 10 B 85 (a solo project from Pop Tarts). Insel, Alt Treptow 6, Saturday from 3:30 p.m. From 10 p.m. DJ Chika Paula, Miss Berlin and Heike Highlife will be playing
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