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Rastatt Addiction Officer: Risky Bitcoin trading harbors great potential for addiction

Speculation with the cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin rate has risen from a few cents to more than $ 30,000 in just a few years. Anyone who invested cleverly could make a fortune with the cryptocurrency - but also lose it. Risky trading can ruin not only your finances but your health as well. In an interview, expert Gudrun Pelzer warns of a high potential for addiction.

A few euros can turn into a fortune in a short time: Trading crypto currencies is tempting, but also full of risk. Anyone entering the business can not only win a lot of money in a short period of time, but also lose everything. This constellation offers potential for addiction.

Greed grabs those who make a profit. Those who are in the red want to recoup the losses. Gudrun Pelzer, municipal addiction officer in the Rastatt district office, explains in an interview with our editorial member Holger Siebnich when playing with crypto currencies becomes dangerous.

Ms. Pelzer, crypto currencies such as Bitcoin make it possible to earn a lot of money in a short time through extreme price increases. Are such businesses potentially addictive?
Gudrun Pelzer

Similar to games of chance at machines or in casinos or online gambling, betting on cryptocurrencies also seems to enable quick wins in a short time. As a result, they are potentially addictive. So far, those affected only arrive at the addiction counseling center in individual cases.

Which signals should those affected pay attention to in order to be able to assess whether their behavior is tending in an unhealthy direction?

In the gambling sector, there are so-called diagnostic criteria for addiction. These can provide clues as to how bets on cryptocurrencies could be classified. Those affected should take the signs of a risk of addiction seriously. Signs that the development is going in the wrong direction are: It won't let you go. More and more people are thinking about gambling. The next game is planned and losses are analyzed. It is considered how one could get money to continue playing. The dose needs to be increased. Increasingly higher stakes are necessary to achieve the usual "kick". You can't stop anymore. There are repeated unsuccessful attempts to control, limit or give up gambling. You are sure to be able to compensate losses by further gambling or betting. Family members and friends are lied to about the level of gambling. Despite negative effects on family, friendships, work or education, the game continues. The loss of family, job or friendships is accepted. And despite increasing debts, the game continues.

Where can those affected get help?

The good thing is that you don't get addicted right away. There is time to seek help. However, if you realize that you can no longer escape the pull of dealing with crypto currencies and the topic moves into focus, you can no longer let go, then at the latest you should seek help. The contact person here is the Addiction Center in Rastatt for the northern district and in Baden-Baden for the southern district.

Can a healthy relationship be successful if someone has already slipped into addiction? Or should those affected avoid this form of business completely?

It is better for those affected to avoid this type of business if they have the experience that they have lost control of them. The risk of relapse is then high.

Advice centers

Specialist office for addiction, Kaiserstr. 20, 76437 Rastatt, Tel: 07222 / 405879-0, E-Mail: [email protected]

Addiction Center, Sinzheimer Str. 38, 76532 Baden-Baden, Tel: 07221 / 996478-0, E-Mail:

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