May reduce cow urine cancer

Cow urine is said to increase drug effectiveness


... up to eighty times as much for antibiotics, Indian tests are said to have shown

Paris - Indian researchers swear by cow urine according to information from a science magazine: The distillate of the bladder fluid increases the effectiveness of drugs, reports the London journal "Chemistry and Industry" in its July issue. According to this, Indian researchers found that the administration of cow urine improves the absorption of active substances in human cells. The magazine writes that the same effect can be achieved with lower doses. In the case of antibiotics and cancer drugs, for example, not only could annoying side effects be reduced, but treatment costs could also be reduced, said the Indian health minister Murli Manohar Joshi the specialist magazine. In laboratory tests, the effect of anti-cancer and tuberculosis drugs was increased by two to twenty times after administration of cow urine, and by up to eighty times for antibiotics, writes "Chemistry and Industry" further. The scientists have already applied for a patent on their discovery in the USA. They suspect similar effects in urine extracts from buffalo, camel and deer. (APA)

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