What makes junk food delicious

brain research Study shows: junk food switches off the feeling of satiety

The thought of a pizza alone often creates cravings. Eating just a piece of it is almost impossible, then the whole pizza will end up in your stomach.

Eat burgers for science

It is now known almost everywhere that pizza or burgers are not really healthy. Now researchers from Maquarie University in Sydney have scientifically proven that and why we cannot get enough of junk food. For their study, they divided 105 volunteers into two groups: one group was only given junk food such as Belgian waffles and burgers for eight days, the other group was able to continue to eat normally, as it did before.

Junk food encourages an appetite for more junk food

On the first and last day of the experiment, both groups ate unhealthy snacks and were asked how craving they were. The result did not come as a surprise to the researchers either, but has now been scientifically recorded: the test group with a lot of unhealthy food in their menu had a much greater appetite for junk food at the end of the study - even if they had already eaten their fill.

Burgers and Co. are too tasty to fill you up

According to the study, unhealthy food affects our brain: the hippocampus in the brain normally makes us feel full as soon as we have eaten enough. The junk food switches off this neural appetite regulation - and that after a week of unhealthy nutrition.
For the sake of your own health, you should be careful not to eat unhealthy fast food too often in a row, so as not to exercise the hippocampus.