Microtransactions are good for video games

Study: Millennials are most likely to use microtransactions in games

Microtransactions in video games are a controversial issue. Even if numerous players are vocal about in-game purchases, the frequent occurrence of microtransactions in many games shows that these are apparently being used well and that the developer is pouring additional money into the coffers.

According to a recent study, the millennial age group in particular likes to and often uses so-called microtransactions. As SuperData's Bethany Lyons reports, there is no age group that spends more money on microtransactions. The millennial age group includes people born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s.

According to Lyons, millennials are the first group of people to have known gaming all their lives. In the US, they make up about 40 percent of the total gamer community. The sexes do not play a role. The group consists of half female and half male gamers.

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“What really sets millennials apart is how much they're willing to spend on games. That has to do with the fact that it's a lifelong habit and that more than half of millennials are full-time employees. They spend more than Gen Z or Gen X, ”explained Lyons.

She went on to explain that they are spending more on gaming overall, and more specifically on in-game purchases. “They also spend money on in-game content. This ranges from extra lives in mobile games to character cosmetics in games like Fortnite, which are more in the hardcore PC area. So we see that they spend more on different games than other populations.

Much more microtransactions

“We're seeing a lot more microtransactions today than we have in the past, and these range from one-time purchase consumables that help them progress in games, to extra lives in mobile games, to character cosmetics in games like Fortnite. These are really important to the millennials. She loves having the latest and greatest character customizations. "

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