Should Trump be more aggressive on Twitter

Twitter: New rules after aggressive Trump tweets

US President Donald Trump likes to tweet
Image: dpa Twitter wants to adjust its usage rules after aggressive tweets from US President Donald Trump in the direction of North Korea accused the short message service of special treatment. Trump had tweeted at the weekend that North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un and his government could "not be here much longer". North Korea referred to this as US President Donald Trump likes to tweet
Image: dpa "Declaration of War". Various Twitter users criticized Trump's message as a clear threat against the terms of use of the service.

Twitter has now announced that the previous internal practice of weighing up “news value” and “public interest” when deciding to delete tweets should be laid down in the rules of use. The short message service wants to be more transparent in this regard.

Contemporary relevance

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey had already said two weeks ago in a dpa interview that the same rules apply to Trump and the service would not shy away from banning the president. But he also limited: "At the same time, we question our terms of use in cooperation with journalists when it comes to tweets with news value."

A fundamental change in the terms of use could mean that Twitter would have to leave more content with threats or depictions of violence on the platform if it generates a public response. Facebook has long made an exception for content that shows violence when posts are relevant to contemporary history.