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The Nigerian education system is organized centrally and is largely the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education.

Primary school lasts 6 years and middle school 3 years. Both form compulsory basic education. The nine-year basic education is completed with the “Basic Education Certificate - BEC” (until 2004 “Junior School Certificate - JSC”). Nigerian students are assigned to secondary education based on their final BEC grades.

In addition to the opportunity to attend the three-year senior secondary school and acquire the “Senior Secondary School Certificate - SSSC”, which is considered to be a university entrance qualification, students can acquire the following vocational qualifications:

Holders of the BEC can attend a three-year training course at a vocational school (Technical College or Vocational Enterprise Institution) and either obtain the degree "National Technical Certificate -NTC"Or"National Business Certificate - NBC“Acquire. Both degrees were called "City and Guilds of London Institute Craft Certificate" until 1993.

For holders of the National Technical Certificate or National Business Certificate there is the possibility, usually after two years of professional experience, to complete a one-year training in order to obtain the degree "Advanced National Technical Certificate - ANTC" or. "Advanced National Business Certificate - ANBC" to acquire. As a rule, these degrees do not provide a university entrance qualification.

In the post-secondary area, holders of the “Senior Secondary School Certificate - SSSC” have the opportunity to go to university. Passing the entrance examination "University Matriculation Examination - UME" is required. You also have the opportunity to acquire further higher vocational qualifications:

After attending a two-year university of applied sciences (Monotechnics, Polytechnics or College of Education), which is only accessible after passing the "Monotechnics, Polytechnics and College of Education Entrance - MPCE", the degree "National Diploma -ND“To be acquired. After one year of professional experience, holders of the National Diploma can again attend a technical college for two years in order to obtain the degree “Higher National Diploma - HD" to get. Graduates from the University of Applied Sciences (ND or HD) can transfer to the university under certain conditions.

After attending a state university (State University) for two years, the degree can "Diploma" can be acquired. Holders of the diploma can then within three further years the degree "Advanced Diploma“Acquire. Holders of the diploma or the advanced diploma can transfer to the university under certain conditions. Access to the state university is possible for all holders of the SSSC without any further entrance examination.

Some vocational training courses are the responsibility of other ministries, such as the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of Health.