How does house cat meat taste?

What can cats eat other than cat food?

What can cats eat other than cat food? A very crucial question that not every owner can answer so easily. Because every cat has different needs and their food preferences cannot be more different.

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What can cats eat other than cat food? Of course meat!

The menu can be varied, especially if the owner doesn't have a gourmet friend but an “omnivore” at home. Cats love meat and in very large quantities. The reason for this is simply explained. Cats are carnivores and so meat in any form is the best for them.

Meat is the number 1 source of protein for cats. It is up to him which type of meat the owner decides for the feeding. Unless the cat has already developed any preferences, then of course the meat that the cat likes to eat is chosen. It is only important when feeding meatthat it is well cooked.

The broth of the cooked meat can also be used as drinking water for the cat. If raw meat is served, attention should always be paid to high-quality, fresh meat. With cooked meat, freshness is not that important, as bacteria and viruses are lost when it is heated.

Please note: Any meat may be used to feed the cat, except pork. Since this can be dangerous for the animal. This is a virus called Aujeszky, which can be caused by pork feeding. This virus is largely harmless to humans, but the virus can be fatal in cats.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Fish, of course!

Fish is considered the delicacy for many cats. That's why he is welcome to come into the bowl more often. It makes sense to cook the fish beforehand and free it of various bones or the bone-free variant is used straight away. A cooked salmon is a feast for every cat. Many owners should give their animal such a feast one day. Canned fish and tuna can also be fed to the cat. It is advisable to let the oil in which the fish is pickled drain off a little beforehand.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Vegetables!

A small snack in vegetable form cannot harm the cat. You can use broccoli, carrots, asparagus, green beans, cucumber, pumpkin and peas. The cat will hardly touch raw vegetables, but if the vegetables are cooked or steamed, they will be driven by their "curiosity for food" and a tasting will be due immediately.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Fruit!

There is nothing wrong with giving the cat a small piece of the watermelon in the warm summer months. Or an apple wedge that has been peeled. Many cats are real berry fans. No matter whether it is blueberries, raspberries, black berries or strawberries.

These can also be fed to the animal if there are not too many at once. A small sample is good for the cat. Many owners make a creamy texture for their cat from fresh bananas and give them to eat because they like them. Quite an alternative for a small snack in between.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Dairy products in small quantities

Cats and milk, this combination has always belonged together. But since conventional milk, which contains lactose and which the cat does not get, can occasionally be switched to small tastings of various dairy products. A small piece of hard cheese as a reward is a must. Quark is just as suitable for this. Yogurt is the best choice if you want it to be a dairy product. A spoonful of yoghurt is given to the cat and refreshed at the same time.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Certain cereals

The oatmeal can count among them. They are usually softened and then mixed with conventional food. Many cats eat the soaked oatmeal that way too.

What can cats eat other than cat food? Cat grass

Cats have a thing for grass, and that's a good thing. Because by cleaning them cleanly, they swallow hair again and again and so that they can choke up the eaten hairballs more easily, the cat grass helps.

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