Women like boys who cook food

What are four voracious boys cooking for?

Dear Annette

I was very happy about your mail! And I have to put it into perspective: I do not cook exquisitely (and my husband has 4 menus!). But I like to cook and love cookbooks, my kind of Zen (along with yoga & exercise). There I get my inspiration, e.g. from Ottolenghi, Hiltl, Tibits, but also classic French and Italian cuisine (Marcella Hazan is my goddess). I also look it up on the net, e.g. at Globus (great freely accessible recipes, e.g. for the weekend), Hiltl, Fooby or various blogs. But what really helps me is a menu plan. Every Friday the kids can make their own wishes, and I cook, even if I don't eat it myself (then I just eat salad and hummus, for example) On Saturday there is what my husband and I like. Something on Sunday that everyone likes (often pasta). The more I orient myself towards the children's wishes, the more the cooking annoys me (warm twice a day). So I try to always have something with me that I like, e.g. soup. And once a week there's something Asian and leftovers. I try to make whole rice / bulgur / spelled pasta once or twice a week so that the wheat doesn't get out of hand. And there is only spelled bread, at best another dark bread from the baker. Would you be interested in a menu plan? I think that could still help in an exchange with other mothers / fathers / readers, I am always happy to receive inspiration.

Kind regards, Claudia