What are the skills shortages in Canada

New Brunswick: How the Canadian Province Fights Skilled Workers Shortages

News | 12/21/2019 | Anton Pavlushko

The federal government was preoccupied with the problem of staff shortages. Germany should now attract more foreign skilled workers.

The shortage of skilled workers has suddenly become a problem for German politics. The Federal Government would like the Federal Republic of Germany to become more attractive for immigrants from non-EU countries.

The specialist summit in the Chancellery was about recruiting new specialists from abroad. The Chancellor suddenly talked about "Paradigm shift on how we want to approach skilled workers outside the European Union"

Let's try to translate your words into German: Germany as a location is not attractive enough for highly qualified immigrants and the EU countries as a whole can no longer satisfy their hunger for personnel. In Germany there are already enough legal opportunities to bring the skilled workers required into the country, but the people we need do not want to come to Germany.

The EU flagship project "Blue Card" has all but failed. In 2018, only 27,241 Blue Cards were issued in Germany, with almost 58% of the applicants being foreigners who were already in the country. In other words, only 11,511 skilled workers actually came into the country.

Therefore, one would like to advertise Germany more strongly abroad from now on. Canada is often cited as an example of successful immigration policy implementation. Even remote Canadian provinces are successfully fighting for highly skilled migrants.

New Brunswick

New what? Nouveau-Brunswick in French or even New Brunswick in German. Most likely, you've never heard of this Canadian province bordering the US state of Maine. Only 776 thousand people live on the territory, which roughly corresponds to the area of ​​Bavaria. 80% of this area is forested. The next larger city, Quebec, is a few hundred kilometers away. Ottawa is as far away as New York (approx. 800/1000 km). The capital of this province is Fredericton (56,000 inhabitants), the largest city there is called Moncton and has only about 72,000 inhabitants.

New Brunswick, or NB for short, is very close to the USA, but has a very low population density. Canadian officials solve this problem by promoting their deserted provinces in Europe. At the end of January 2020 they will hold two NB Recruitment Events in Warsaw. After that they will go to Kiev where they will organize two NB Recruitment Events and an Information Session.

In 2019, recruiters from NB were in Ukraine at least three times - in May, August and November. In Ukraine they are looking for representatives of many professions - from truck drivers to programmers. The promotion of this program is actively shown to the Ukrainian Facebook users.

Canada vs. Germany 1-0

The first Ukrainians emigrated to Canada at the end of the 19th century. Now about 4% of Canada's population have Ukrainian roots. This ethnic group integrates well into Canadian society, so it is logical that the authorities there relied on the Ukrainians in their search for skilled workers.

I wonder if the information stands about emigration to Germany will ever appear on the streets of Kiev. Up until now, it was assumed in Germany that migrants would want to emigrate to Germany anyway. Even the highly qualified among them. But in the modern world, highly skilled migrants can choose between different countries and, when in doubt, opt for the most attractive country. In New Brunswick they understood that, but in Saxony or Bavaria?

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