What is the best international travel planner

Free route planner: The best apps and tools

Waze: Smart route planning with real-time traffic reports

Since Google bought the Israeli start-up in 2013, Waze has benefited from a large community. The Android app always calculates the fastest route, taking into account the current volume of traffic and busy roads. Alternatively, the software suggests other possible routes including the length of the route and the expected travel time. If you wish, you can enter your own reports on traffic jams, accidents, road closures or other traffic obstructions.

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Sygic: Comprehensive GPS navigation with lots of details

The Sygic app offers you GPS navigation and offline maps. A special mode is available for pedestrians that shows the direction of travel and points of interest (POIs for short) such as sights or tourist attractions. In the travel statistics, you can quickly access your last destinations and your favorite places. With the app, you can save the parking position of your vehicle if necessary so that you can find it later more easily.

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Maps.me: offline maps & GPS route planner

Citymapper: route planner for local transport

Navigating within large cities can be very complicated and frustrating at times. Citymapper connects different modes of transport to show the fastest route. For example, the app supports bus, suburban train, subway, tram and ferry public transport. The timetables are displayed in real time. If desired, Car2Go cars can also be displayed nearby. In addition to German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, the app also contains maps and timetables for some international metropolises.

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ViaMichelin route planner: Prepare cheap trips

Bing Maps and Falk route planners can do it, the same applies to the ViaMichelin route planner: with a click of the mouse, you can avoid the inclusion of toll roads and highways in the route planning. In addition to the shortest and fastest routes, you will see economical and discovery routes. Economical ones are beneficial for fuel consumption, discovery routes are for tourists.

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OpenRouteService: route planner also suitable for wheelchair users

On request, OpenRouteService shows routes that are suitable for wheelchair users - a unique selling point! Those who do not value the attribute barrier-free also benefit from the service. For example, it takes into account routes for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. In the case of so-called heavy vehicles, he differentiates between goods vehicles, buses and agricultural vehicles, among other things.

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OpenStreetMap: Free maps for everyone

OpenStreetMap, which allows free integration of its maps in navigation software, is free of confusing licensing policies and usage fees. The principle is similar to that of Wikipedia. As with the online lexicon, the users take care of maintaining the database. The quality of the map material therefore varies depending on the area.

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Meinestadt.de route planner: Show routes with exact entries

With the Meinestadt.de route planner, the operation is a little different than with comparable services: First, the user types in at street level where they want to start and arrive. One click on Plan route then brings a tidy route overview to light. The travel description appears on the right with instructions on how to turn.

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Public transport map: Show public transport worldwide

The public transport card does not need to be installed, it runs in the browser. It is more of a simple map service than a route planner. The material for the routes shown comes from OpenStreetMap - trains, S-Bahn and U-Bahn, trams, ferries, trolleybuses, buses and transfer points such as the airport and car rental are shown.

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Traffic information: speed traps and more at a glance

Good planning is half the battle: the traffic information web service takes this into account. Find out in advance about routes, speed traps, construction sites, petrol prices and the weather. The information relates to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Participation encouraged: If a traffic information report is correct or not, do so by clicking on To confirm or Sign out Kund; the service counts the votes and names them in brackets. Users can report new speed traps.

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BASt - construction site information: specialist for construction sites

They turn out to be necessary for maintaining highways, but they strain the driver's nerves: Construction sites. BASt - construction site information reveals where they are lurking. The online service warns of them on a map and in list form. The map is equipped with an informative legend and can be zoomed.

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Stau.info, Stau1: warnings of slow traffic

Car passengers perceive traffic jams to be just as annoying as construction sites, as they also take up time. Navigation devices navigate past it thanks to TMC, TMC Pro or HD Traffic (including cellular data), but not everyone has such a showpiece - which sometimes works unreliably. A look at the websites Stau.info and Stau1 does not do any harm. The core competence lies in traffic jam warnings.

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Google Flights: Find cheap flights

Privacy advocates criticize that Google bundles many services under one roof, as this would fall short of the competition. Google Flights is always a practical alternative to other websites: You can use it to find cheap offers for plane tours. Return flights can be researched in combination, as can only one-way flights. Price comparison and booking options are included.

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Departures online: view flight times

When does an airplane take off? Is it back on safe ground? Questions answered by Departures Online: The freeware tool gets the information from the Internet and allows you to research flight times using the country category tree on the left. For example, you can right-click to save the displayed images on the hard drive. As with the GPX Manager, the surface design is based on Microsoft Office.

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Flightradar24: watch air traffic live

Which planes are currently on the way? Flightradar24 lets you fly on a map! The service provides you with information on the speed of movement and offers a search function for the targeted search for currently active aircraft.

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Tire: bring Google maps to the sat nav

POIbase: Provide navigation tips with exploration tips

In the name of POIbase there is POI, which abbreviates Points of Interest. The software packs over 375,000 such “should have seen” recommendations on the navigation system. The list of manufacturers of supported devices is long. The ideal tool for everyone who wants more than serious navigation!

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GPX Manager: Change GPS data sets

Do you have a GPX file with coordinate information that you would like to edit? Corresponding files come, for example, from GPS devices that record various information. The clear GPX manager supports you in making adjustments. The tool comes in a ribbon look.

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RouteConverter: Convert waypoint files

Navigon Fresh: Maintenance for the navigation device

The manufacturer provides the ideal management tool for Navigon navigation devices. With the help of Navigon Fresh, you can update the navigation software or make a backup. TomTom Home also offers back-ups.

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