Has anyone ever dodged a bullet?

Can you dodge bullets? [closed]

Anyone trained with a weapon must aim for the center of gravity (torso). While it would be possible to move around in such a way that someone aiming at a limb would become confused, it would not be possible to do this with someone trained to shoot the center of gravity.

Assuming you are dealing with an untrained marksman, the seesawing, weaving, and zigzagging would be enough to get the Impression too awaken as if your character were dodging bullets and might even earn a reputation for being able to do so.

But there is no real "real way" of dodging bullets, even if you were extremely astute because you simply couldn't move fast enough to get out of the person's line of fire. He only has to move his wrist or at most his arm. You have to move your entire body.

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No amount of equipment would help as the shooter would be constantly re-aiming himself. So at best you know where the ball is pointing was until he moved again.

A better tactic would be to do something that interferes with the shooter's aim, e.g. B. a displacement field (bending light to make you appear elsewhere) or something that disturbs the shooter's eyesight or balance (lightning or sonic weapons).


This seems to me to be the best exposure of the bullet dodging method described in Remo Williams (basically listening to the trigger finger start moving, then dodging). In the remaining time, it would be very difficult to get your entire body out of the way.