What makes shortbread so crumbly

Shortbread recipe

Bake shortbread:

Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt on the work surface. Cut the cold butter into pieces and add to it. Knead a dough with your hands. Knead only as long as necessary so that the dough doesn't get crumbly. Then put the shortcrust pastry in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

Put a baking sheet with baking paper.

Tip: make rolling pieces of wood
The next time you visit the hardware store, get a wooden strip one meter long and with a cross-section of 10 * 15 mm. Saw this bar in half. The wooden sticks are then placed to the right and left of the dough and the corrugated wood is rolled onto the strips. As a result, the dough thickness is exactly 10 mm or 15 mm over the entire surface.

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Petticoat Tails:
Roll out half of the dough 1 cm thick and put the remaining dough back in the refrigerator. Using a suitable object approx. 15 cm in diameter (for example a plate or a bowl), cut out a round sheet of dough and place the sheet of dough on the baking paper. With a long, straight knife or, better, a pallet Mark 8 "Pieces of cake". Score the dough about 5 mm deep. The shortbread is broken at these marks after baking. Make short diagonal notches around the edge, e.g. with a chopstick. Then, for example, use a blunt wooden skewer or a chopstick to dab approx. 5mm deep holes in the shortbread.


Shortbread Fingers:
The shortbread fingers should be about 2.5 by 7 cm. To do this, roll out an approx. 10 cm wide sheet of dough with the remaining dough, but slightly thicker than for the petticoat tails, about 1.5 cm thick, and place the sheet of dough on the baking paper. Then cut the dough into a 7 cm thick strip of dough with a knife or a pallet and divide this strip of dough into 2.5 cm thick Shortbread Fingers. However, keep the shortbread fingers close together. Then poke holes in the biscuits with a chopstick, for example.

Shortbread Rounds:
Now roll out the edge pieces from the shortbread fingers again 1 cm thick, then cut out shortbread rounds with a diameter of approx. 5 cm, for example, and place the rounds on the baking paper.

Bake the shortbread in the preheated oven at 160 degrees fan-assisted or 170 degrees top / bottom heat for about 15-20 minutes, until they start to brown. Then separate the shortbread fingers while the shortbread is still warm. Finally, sprinkle a little sugar on the still warm shortbread.