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Jewelry - what is jewelry? History, Value & More!

Jewelry is an embellishing measure or an ornamental object - gold jewelry is thus an embellishing object made of gold. In a somewhat broader sense, jewelry is a kind of "ornament". A kind of visual enhancement that is usually supposed to represent prosperity.

Jewelry and its origin

Origin: The word "jewelry" has its actual origin in old Germanic. The use and manufacture of jewelry goes back to the earliest ages of mankind. Even the "ornamental objects" used 100,000 years ago can definitely be described as jewelry. The difference is most likely due to the material: the jewelry of our early comrades was made from shell, animal hair or animal fur, for example. In contrast to today's time, where jewelry is made from precious metals or high-quality plastics.

Body jewelry

Body jewelry: one differentiates 1. according to the shape (e.g. chains, bands and rings) 2. according to the function (e.g. pendant belt buckles jewelry watch) 3. according to the material (iron jewelry bronze jewelry enamel jewelry gold jewelry platinum jewelry jewelry stone silver jewelry palladium jewelry) 4. according to the decorated body parts (Arm jewelery, finger jewelery, foot jewelery, neck jewelery, head jewelery, mouth jewelery and ear jewelery) 5. After the attachment, pins (e.g. needles, pins, badges and brooches) or piercing jewelery 6. After the occasion (e.g. mourning jewelery or wedding jewelery).

Jewelry alloys

Gold jewelry alloyValue* alloyValue*
333 gold (8 carat gold)
800 silver
585 gold (14 carat gold)
835 silver
750 gold (18 carat gold)
900 silver
900 gold (21.6 carat gold)
925 silver

* Value = value per gram of the respective jewelry alloy

Book tip: Anyone who is very interested in the topic of jewelry is best advised with the following book: Ulla Stöver: Mon Bijou. History and stories about jewelry. Nymphenburger, Munich 1971. ISBN 3-485-04049-5