How would you be in a relationship

100 questions for couples and love in the test!

In a relationship, the most important thing is to have good communication and to be able to talk to each other about all topics in the world. This is the general recipe for long-lasting and healthy relationships for all couples.

Here we have put together great questions for you that are great for people who have just fallen in love as well as for couples who have been together for a long time. With these you will put your partnership and love to a small test.

Another plus point of our relationship questions is that you will have great conversations with your partner. They will also get to know each other better and freshen up their relationship a bit and make it better with fun and joy!

What questions can you ask your partner?

In a relationship, the most important thing is that both partners listen to each other and talk and communicate with each other. Whether newly in love or in a long-term partnership, communication is always the be-all and end-all of a happy relationship.

No question of the world should be taboo for both of them. So be very open with your partner and ask everything that interests you and what is close to your heart.

As a couple, you should listen carefully to each other and pay attention to everything your partner says. Whatever the partner asks or says, one should not judge, but investigate the reasons for this opinion and solve everything in a calm way with a conversation.

Another tip for you is not to urge your partner to talk about certain topics if the partner is not in the mood for it at the moment.

Every conversation and every question asked should be approached in a relaxed manner, without pressure but with a lot of understanding. So you will have funny, serious and interesting conversations with your partner without negative energy, just in a good mood!

What questions can you ask?

As nicely said, communication with the partner should be as open as possible, without secrets and without borders. Nothing should be a taboo subject for you and you should trust each other enough so that you don't feel fear or tension when asking questions or talking.

Here we have prepared a lot of questions for you as a great inspiration. You can ask your partner with a glass of wine, relaxed on the sofa, and have the most beautiful conversations! These questions only relate to your love and relationship, to the positive as well as the negative things.

20 relationship questions for couples:

1. What was the first thing you thought when you saw me for the first time?

2. What do you think is great about how we treat each other?

3. What are the things in our relationship that you would change?

4. Do you still have the feelings for me that you had in the beginning?

5. Have you always told me the truth in the course of our relationship?

6. Which qualities are really important to you in a man / woman?

7. Are you missing romance in our relationship?

8. What was the main reason you chose me?

9. What makes me as a person so special to you?

10. What does honesty mean to you?

11. Do you still have butterflies in your stomach when we meet on a date?

12. What is your fondest memory of us?

13. What is something new that you want to bring into our relationship?

14. Do you have any wishes regarding our relationship?

15. Are you worried about the future and us?

16. What can I do as your partner to make our relationship better?

17. What do you think about marriage and when is the right time for you to take this step?

18. Are you afraid that it won't work out with us?

19. What was the happiest moment that you spent with me?

20. What makes you feel that this love is forever?

20 Serious Questions Every Couple Should Ask!

Sometimes in a relationship you have to have serious conversations with each other and see where you stand as a couple and where you want to be together in life. The most important things like future plans and the really important things in life should be discussed together.

That is why we have put together suggestions for serious questions that you can use to have good and in-depth conversations with your partner. In this way you will make the relationship even stronger and as a couple you will walk a common path into the future!

20 serious questions for every couple:

1. What would you change about me

2. What is a problem in the relationship that we have not yet resolved?

3. How do you imagine your future with me?

4. Did I say something in our relationship that really hurt you?

5. Am I a good friend to you?

6. Is there a topic that is important to you, but you did not dare to speak to me about it?

7. Do you believe that this is great love?

8. What is the biggest weakness of us as a couple?

9. What can we do to make our relationship more romantic?

10. What good can we do for ourselves that both sides get a positive experience?

11. What can we do together to relieve tension in everyday life?

12. What are some things about our relationship that make you so happy?

13. How do you see us as parents? How did we master this role together?

14. Would you like to buy a house with me in the future?

15. What would you never forgive me

16. Do I give you enough love and affection or is it enough for you?

17. Do you need a little break from me from time to time?

18. Which qualities of me do you like most and which ones would you change?

19. Are you happy in this relationship, are you missing something?

20. Can you fully trust me as your life partner?

"How well do you know me?" Questions partner?

These questions are a great way to make a game. Just stay at home and enjoy the time with a game together.

This game can be played immediately with just a little preparation. For this game, you both prepare the same number of questions that relate only to you and your daily habits.

Write these questions on a piece of paper so that your partner cannot see them. Then ask the questions, one partner at a time. Whoever gives the correct answer gets one point.

Whoever gets more points in the end is the winner of the game. This partner pays more attention to the other and all things are really important to him, even the smallest!

This is a fun way to test your partner to see how well he or she looks after you on a day-to-day basis. How well your partner knows you, you will know exactly through the simplest questions.

Here we have the best suggestions for couples to get their partner on the ice with!

Suggestions for "How well do you know me?" Questions to the partner:

1. What do I always order from a menu in our favorite restaurant?

2. How do I drink my coffee in the morning?

3. What's the first thing I do when I open my eyes?

4. What annoys me most about strangers?

5. What does love mean to me?

6. How do I imagine the perfect vacation?

7. What do I like to eat when I am sad?

8. What is something that always makes me happy and that only you can do that?

9. Which advertising do I just love?

10. Which movie always makes me cry?

11. What is something that I always carry with me wherever I go?

12. What is my favorite cartoon from my childhood?

13. How do I show you that I'm sad without telling you?

14. What is my favorite type of ice cream?

15. Why did i fall in love with you

16. What is a romantic evening for me? How would I organize this evening?

17. What is my dream job? Was I going to pack my bags and leave everything for my dream job?

18. What do my friends mean to me? Is friendship more important to me or our relationship?

19. What was the name of my favorite soft toy from my childhood?

20. Which song do I always listen to when I'm sad?

"What would you do if ...?" Questions to friend?

With these relationship questions you will go through many fictional situations as a couple and gain a lot of knowledge from each other. So how would the person react and act in a given situation.

Here you have the opportunity to use these relationship questions to shape life and situations in life in positive and negative ways. This is how you will find out from your sweetheart how he would react in such situations.

With these answers you will get to know your partner better and maybe you will learn a few new things from them. Here we have the best suggestions for you for "What would you do if ...?ā€¯Questions with which you and your relationship as a couple are put to a small test.

What would you do if ...?" Ask:

1. What would you do if one day I died before you?

2. What would you do if we went our separate ways and are no longer together?

3. What would you do when I didn't love you anymore?

4. What would you do if I got seriously ill? Would you stay by my side

5. What would you do if I was cheating on you

6. What would you do if I had to move to another country because of my job? Would you try a long distance relationship?

7. What would you do if I bring home a dog or a cat? Would you keep the animal

8. What would you do if another woman was flirting with you?

9. What would you do if you could cheat on me without ever knowing? You can choose any woman / man in the world!

10. What would you do if all of a sudden we lost everything and ended up on the street?

11. What would you do if one day we couldn't have children?

12. What would you do if I was packing my bags and leaving you? How would you react?

13. What would you do if my mother suddenly moved in with us?

14. What would you do if I completely changed my style?

15. What would you do if our relationship fell into a deep hole? What would you do to save the situation?

16. What would you do if I fell in love with another woman / man?

17. What would you do if I proposed to you here and now?

18. What would you do if we landed on a desert island? How would you organize our survival?

19. What would you do, especially if we won the lottery?

20. What would you do when we were no longer in love? Would you stay in this relationship or would you end it all right away?

Funny relationship questions for couples!

Fun and joy are important things in all relationships. This is something very important in the life of any couple that you laugh and do nonsense together.

That's why we have prepared the funniest questions for you that will make you laugh together and have a great time together! So you will refresh your love and relationship in a fun way and make it even better!

Ideas for fun relationship questions for couples:

1. Have you ever looked for my password from email address or social media site without me being in the house?

2. How many women / men did you have in front of me?

3. Who was the biggest bottle in bed for you?

4. What would you take with you if you suddenly left me?

5. If you had to, would you only eat fries or pizza your whole life?

6. What was your funnest experience with alcohol?

7. What is something that annoys you so much about me?

8. Which celebrity would you leave me for?

9. Would you rather eat everything without getting fat or spend your whole life with me?

10. What was one situation that you found me so embarrassed in?

11. What's the worst outfit I've ever put on but you didn't say anything at that moment?

12. What do you really think of my mother?

13. What are your wildest thoughts when you look at me

14. Were your answers to my questions always honest or did you lie to me to avoid arguments and tension?

15. What are your partner's funniest habits, so mine?

16. What would you think or what would you do if I killed someone? How would you react?

17. Have you ever secretly brought food with you and eaten without me?

18. Would you walk the street naked if that was the only chance we could save our relationship?

19. What does your dream man / woman have that I don't have?

20. What was the stupidest sentence you ever heard from me?

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