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Family law attorney

Almost 20 percent of the specialist lawyers are specialist lawyers for family law

2014 counted the Federal Bar Association (BRAK) over 49,000 registered specialist lawyers in Germany. In addition to labor law, family law is one of the most strongly represented areas of law. 9,180 lawyers specializing in family law exists in Germany. That means almost 20 percent of specialist lawyers make lawyers specializing in family lawyers.

It is precisely this high number of lawyers specializing in family law and therefore also Divorce lawyers shows the importance of this area of ​​law and that there are frequent litigation in this area that there are to settle applies. This is exactly what a family law attorney is for.

The family and marriage are protected goods. It is therefore important that fair decisions are made here, which balance and a equal rights create among all parties involved. Children in particular suffer from a breakup. Parents should common children Don't forget in their disputes. Therefore, it must be in their best interest to start the divorce proceedings without major problems War of the Roses of the parents.

A family law attorney is familiar with such situations and will be with you Advice and action stand aside for a consensual decision to achieve between the spouses.

What is a family lawyer?

Already 1995 The BRAK's articles of association decided that lawyers will be able to acquire the title of lawyer for family law in the future. The Federal Bar Association has been listing lawyers with this annually since 1998 Specialization on. It was back then 1.160.

A family law attorney has dealt with this right one complex area of ​​responsibility select. He deals with all family law issues. So mainly matters that the marriage concern, but also divorce and Maintenance obligations.

That means, such a specialist lawyer is also Maintenance lawyer or Divorce Lawyer or can also be called a so-called Mediator be active.

The Specialist lawyer regulations the Federal Bar Association determines in Section 12, what knowledge a lawyer in the field of family law has to show in order to even get the Receives the title of specialist attorney:

  1. substantive marriage, family and child law, including family law references to inheritance, company, social and tax law and public law, unmarried cohabitation and civil partnership,
  2. family law procedural and cost law,
  3. international private law,
  4. Theory and practice of family law mandate processing and contract drafting.

What does a family law attorney do?

A family law attorney can assist with both marriage and divorce

A family law attorney is available to you both judicial as well as out of court in family law disputes. But not only in the case of differences, but also in terms of things Marriage a lawyer specializing in family law, for example, helps with the preparation of Marriage settlement. For a long time, the lawyer was also able to register same-sex couples in their contracts Civil partnership support. With the introduction of marriage for everyone, however, no new registered civil partnerships will be entered into.

An attorney for divorce regulates all problems in this sector for you. This also includes the Compensate for the gain as well as the clarification of maintenance obligations. Especially in the case of children together, a consensual approach is required solution worked towards. The lawyer for maintenance law clarifies the duties of the spouse with whom the child is now no longer resident is after the Düsseldorf table. A specialist lawyer for family law can also make claims for post-marital maintenance or separation maintenance for you to calculate and enforce.

In the case of children, there are also claims Custody and access rights added. This plays from the 14th year of life even the will of the child plays a role, which must be heard by the court.

But often in such a war of the roses in particular Property issues significant. There are often disputes that end up in court about the division of property. A family law attorney will try to protect your assets and one fair distribution to reach. He will do the same in matters of equalization of profits as well as of Pension adjustment want to reach.

Mediatory activity

A family law attorney can also act as a mediator. In a so-called mediation, the mediator appears as one Third independent person on. Contacting a lawyer who acts as a mediator can be worthwhile, because he should guide the two spouses to a joint and fair solution. Once at their destination, it would be ideal for the couple to have a Win-win situation in which everyone can draw their advantage. Not every specialist lawyer for family law can automatically work as a mediator. For that he has to be a Certification program go through in which he receives his qualification.

How do you become a specialist lawyer for family law?

First of all, you have to become a lawyer in the first place. For this, the willing must be one Complete studies, because a lawyer needs an academic education in which he different phases passes through.

1st phase: Theoretical workStart of law studies with nine semesters in the basic course.
2nd phase: Half lawyerFirst state examination, consisting of five to seven written exams (different for each federal state) with questions of knowledge about the three major areas of law: civil law, public law and criminal law. After passing this, the student is a half-lawyer.
3rd phase: Practice time2-year legal traineeship, during which the half-lawyer takes up his work at various courts in order to collect practical and process-based skills.
4th phase: Fully qualified lawyerSecond state examination or assessor examination: This examination is a pure state examination carried out by state judicial offices. After passing the exam, the semi-lawyer can finally call himself a fully qualified lawyer.
5th phase: specializationThe graduate is now qualified to work in every traditional area of ​​law. This also gives him the opportunity to specify himself through a specialist lawyer title: for example as a lawyer for family law.

The Statutory assembly of the Federal Bar Association has initiated provisions within the Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO) that a lawyer must meet in order to be awarded a specialist lawyer title.

So in order to become a specialist lawyer for family law, the lawyer must meet certain conditions. Above all, he should be one three-year admission can show as well as within the last six years, have worked as a lawyer before submitting the application for a specialist lawyer title.

Paragraph 5 b FAO further describes that of the future family law attorney 120 cases must edit in the legal field. At least the half these cases must be judicial proceedings. So-called arbitrary joint procedures as well as procedures of the necessary joint with provisional classifications count in double measure.

If all these regulations are met, the lawyer can be informed by the Federal Bar Association of the Awarded the title “Specialist Lawyer for Family Law” become.

What does a family lawyer earn?

Lawyers belong to a well-paid professional group

In principle, every lawyer, whether a lawyer or specialist lawyer, has to adhere to very general principles Remuneration provisions hold. For the legal salary this is the so-called Lawyers' Remuneration Act (RVG) was created. However, the earnings can also result from a remuneration agreement. Compensation agreements have the following characteristics:

  • There are for example Fee agreements or Time accounting.
  • They are always possible, especially when they are higher than the legal framework fails.
  • you follow statutory orders.
  • The relationship Performance - responsibility - liability risk must be consistent with the payment.
  • If there is no remuneration agreement, the fee is received via the Civil law.

Extrajudicial consultations are based on a fee agreement. This provides a kind of framework for the costs of a lawyer. Therefore, for example, an initial consultation may amount to 190 euros plus sales tax. Other components of the expenses for a lawyer are:

  • Item value or amount in dispute
  • Value added tax or sales tax
  • Lump sum for expenses

No secret are the big ones regional differences in terms of salaries, which of course also affect lawyers in addition to many other professional groups. However, there are also fluctuations among the Law firms within the federal states. The amount of the salary results from:

  • The size of the firm
  • The age of the lawyer
  • The length of employment

Due to the high level of responsibility that the legal profession brings with it, they also belong to one well-paid professional group. Nevertheless, his “wage check” is always there performance-oriented. Bonus and revenue sharing is a common method in each of the many areas of law.

Specialist lawyers for family law are at the top with lawyers for tax and labor law Field of the pyramid of merit, as there are also the most frequently reported specialist lawyers here.

The Salary report from the lawyer’s gazette of the bar association shows the starting salaries of the lawyer for family law, which are extremely fluctuating:

in the east give it the lowest average salary 28,000 euros (21,000 - 42,000 euros). Then comes the south Germany, which is already much higher, with about 37,000 euros (30,000 - 50,000 euros).

In Northern Germany get the specialist lawyers on average 38,000 euros (30,000 - 54,000 euros) annual gross salary and im West 39,000 euros (30,000 - 55,000 euros).

Especially the Lawyer's capitals emerged. The average earnings there are also 38,000 euros, but the range fluctuates between 18,000 and 60,000 euros.

Under certain circumstances, a specialist lawyer for family law can later even between 80,000 and 150,000 euros a year to earn.

Legal fees in the event of a divorce

The following applies in the event of a divorce Compulsory lawyer. This means that the spouses are legally obliged to get a lawyer (for family law) to support their divorce.

Divorce is always one judicial divorce proceedings before the family court, because it is basically always about money, so a certain amount Amount in dispute. Many people then wonder what the legal fees are for a divorce.

First of all, it should be noted that just a lawyer is needed for divorce. However, if both spouses make claims against the other, both must contact a divorce lawyer.

The costs for a lawyer are mainly based on the Value in dispute or object value. This arises mainly from the Net income the spouse, which is with three to multiply is. This value then shows the actual amount in dispute.

The value of the item increases when additional assets (for example real estate) that the spouses own come into play. 5 percent of which will be offset against the amount in dispute. Also Child benefit as well as parental allowance are added. Are excluded from the amount in dispute Social assistance benefits.

A dependent child reduces the amount in dispute. Usually the discount is here 250 euros per child.

The legal fees for a divorce also include those Court costs. Thus, these two fees are calculated based on the amount in dispute. If the divorce petition is filed, fall two court fees at. The divorce attorney receives a Procedural fee (Fee value of 1.3 according to RVG) and one Appointment fee (Fee value of 1.2 according to RVG). These two values ​​result from the value in dispute determined by the court. In addition to the legal fees, there is still one Flat-rate expenses and the value added tax added.

Which professional associations are there?

Professional associations stand up for the interests of family lawyers and offer a place for exchange

With the emergence of family law attorneys, professional associations have also developed that are specifically for the Interests of these specialist lawyers or divorce lawyers stand up. We would now like to introduce you to the three largest in more detail.

Working group on family law of the German Lawyers Association

Approximately 6,800 members the Working Group on Family Law already has. It is part of the large professional association for lawyers, the German Lawyers Association (DAV). This working group is there for the family lawyers as well as for the families themselves who need legal support in theirs individual case need.

Therefore, they also offer one Lawyer search on your website. Within the working group, the specialist lawyers in family law are called upon to actively participate in the continuous development of legislation and case law to cooperate in family matters.

To this end, the lawyers of the AG comment on relevant legislative proposals within the Family committee of the DAV.

In addition, the AG keeps its members up to date: The Journal of Family Law Forum is regularly available to members. In addition, the working group offers advanced training. Regional Representative serve as contact persons for the members.

The Representation of interests the lawyers in family law find one aimed at the public through information and image advertising Website, active Press and public relations as well as the defense against unjustified criticism of the lawyers working in this legal field.

Lawyers in family law e. V.

This association has come together to create one for every specialist lawyer for family law as well as those working in the field of law Place of exchange of experience to accomplish. In addition, they regularly organize basic, advanced and advanced training programs and work together on the Quality standards the family law mandates.

The association works with other associations and interest groups. They stand for one qualified advice one that concerns questions of marriage and partnership, family as well as separation and divorce.

In addition, the members have one counselor published on 200 questions and answers about separation and divorce.

Committee for Family Law from the Kölner Anwalt Verein e. V.

The committee sees itself as the "mouthpiece" of all its members, who are also mutual contact persons for subject-specific questions and information concerns. The Family Law Committee also acts as a link between the attorneys and the Judges College a.

The members want to promote uniform jurisdiction within family law. The committee offers a regular exchange and always publishes current information to the field of law.

Organizing training events in the field of law is also one of the tasks of the committee.

Which big law firms are there?

When the marriage ends, many couples need a divorce lawyer

How do I find the right one Divorce attorney? Can a lawyer specializing in family law help me, mine Maintenance claims enforce? Which lawyer working in family law can help me to do this Custody of my child win back?

Many questions arise when it comes to finding the right family law attorney. You should consider these points with the Looking for a specialist lawyer for family law note:

  • The Bar Association gives information about lawyers in your area over the phone
  • Ask friends, acquaintances or family
  • Check out the Websites the lawyers or the law firm for family law
  • A reputable family law attorney just has a maximum of two further specialist lawyer titles
  • Pay attention to the first time you visit the firm order and cleanliness
  • A qualified lawyer specializing in family law will give you information about his / her on request previous experience to cases similar to yours
  • In addition, an honest specialist lawyer for family law will provide you with a list of the gross costs on
  • A good family lawyer will usually help you for that first consultation do not charge anything

In the following we would like to offer you five law firms who are active in the field of family law.

Betz Rakete Dombek lawyers in partnership, Berlin

The law firm has existed since 1984 and specializes in the areas of family and labor law. Three specialist lawyers for family law take care of them family law needs of their clients.

Within the law firm, it is important that consensual decisions between the parties as Settlement of the conflict serve and these are tried to resolve out of court. The purpose of this is to reduce the burden on affected children.

Furthermore, they advise their clients on questions about the Marriage settlement as well as inter alia

  • divorce
  • Claims of illegitimate children
  • Fatherhood and adoption
  • Entertains
  • inheritance claims in the event of a marriage

Knatz Doutheil-Schmitte GbR, Frankfurt am Main

Children shouldn't be the victims of a divorce

The lawyers at this firm have become most recently 2014 united to provide clients with competence, according to their own statements, especially in the areas of family and inheritance law, to advise personally and efficiently. Knatz and Doutheil-Schmitte are both specialists in family law and have another one volunteer brought on board.

The lawyers already have many years of experience within other law firms. They stand in one for their clients Variety of family conflicts and try to keep both the financial and emotional burden as low as possible. They are both professional and committed out of court as well as in court on behalf of their clients.

The firm's areas of activity include:

  • divorce
  • Separation maintenance, child maintenance, adult maintenance, post-marital maintenance
  • Gain adjustment and pension adjustment
  • Allocation and division of the shared marital home
  • Division of the household
  • Law in the illegitimate cohabitation

Specialist law firm for family law, Münster

This specialist law firm consists of four lawyers. Three of them are each Family law attorney and the fourth colleague in the law firm focuses on family law as a partner (from a partnership, in the sense of an association). Each of them looks at one many years of professional experience back.

The lawyers at this firm combine family law with regard to that Commercial, tax and real estate law. In addition, they claim to be assertive and balanced for the interests of their clients, both in and out of court.

In marriage and family law are theirs Focus:

A specialist lawyer for family law will help you with maintenance claims and problems with asset equalization

  • Separation and Divorce: Counseling
  • Contracts for marriage and civil partnership
  • Enforcement of maintenance claims
  • Gain
  • Asset disputes
  • Pension equalization
  • Custody and access procedures
  • Determination of paternity

Law firm Dr. Kreuzer & Coll, Nuremberg

The law firm Dr. Kreuzer & Coll has existed since 35 years. The specialist department consists of a specialist lawyer for family law and a specialist lawyer for family law. The firm even has one 24 hour serviceso that the lawyers can also be reached on weekends and public holidays.

Mainly on the subject divorce becomes consultation and thus also to all areas of maintenance, for example child maintenance and separation maintenance.

Further topics are:

  • care
  • Assets and gain compensation
  • Marriage
  • matrimonial property law
  • Access rights and appropriate solutions for childcare

Specialist law firm for family law and inheritance law, Wiedner lawyers, Berlin

The specialist law firm of lawyer Wiedner has been since 20 years active in the field of family law. She is a specialist lawyer for family law and also Divorce lawyer. In addition, lawyer Wiedner is a member of the AG Family Law of the German Lawyers Association.

The firm tries together with its clients consistent and goal-oriented strategies to implement family law issues both out of court and in court.

Within Berlin the firm owns two branches. The main focuses of her family law work are, among others:

  • Marriage and divorce law
  • Property law
  • Maintenance law
  • Right of contact and right of residence
  • care
  • Budget sharing and pension equalization
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