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In winter on the Canary Islands - you should know that

When it gets wet and cold outside, it's time for a winter vacation in the sun to get some vitamin D again. The perfect destination for this are the Canaries, which are not far from the African northwest coast and thus in the Atlantic Ocean. In this article we will tell you what you should consider during a winter holiday in the Canary Islands and which island is suitable for whom.

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Can you still swim in the Canary Islands in winter?

The Canary Islands are nicknamed the »Islands of Eternal Spring«, because the daytime temperatures fluctuate between 20 ° and 30 ° C all year round. This makes them a popular year-round travel destination. The coolest months are with daily values around 20 ° C in January and February. Temperatures are now rising slowly over the course of the year, so that maximum values ​​of 30 ° C are reached in July and August.

Then the temperatures drop again slightly. in the November and December are values ​​above 22 ° C it is not uncommon for long walks by the sea to be made possible. The bathing season begins around May and ends in September. However, you can take a refreshing swim in the sea all year round, especially on beaches that are sheltered from the wind. After all, it is Water temperature in December often still 24 ° C. For your winter holiday in the Canary Islands, you should definitely have swimming gear with you.

What do the Canary Islands have to offer in winter?

We can promise you: The Canaries have a lot to offer in winter. Whether hiking fans, cyclists, those interested in culture or those looking for relaxation: everyone will find a suitable place for themselves on the Canary Islands. The advantages of a winter holiday in the Canary Islands: In winter the Canary Islands are not so overcrowded and you have to share the most beautiful places with fewer other holidaymakers. So it's perfect for exploring the islands extensively!


Explore Gran Canaria in winter

Gran Canaria is a diverse island. There are dream beaches with mighty dunes as well as a picturesque hinterland. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you can simply explore dreamy villages in small valleys. Party lovers enjoy the urban flair of the larger cities. Hikers and cyclists in particular get their money's worth on Gran Canaria in winter.

Mogan Bay in Gran Canaria

Culture enthusiasts also have a lot to do on Gran Canaria in winter: visit the colonial building, for example Casa de Colón. Inside there is an interesting history museum that will inspire you. A visit to the is also exciting Museo Canario, in which there are ancient Canarian finds. You can learn something about the natives in the cave ensemble Cenobio de Valerón in the Santa María de Guía region.

The best way to get an extraordinary view of Gran Canaria is to do one Ship excursion. Liners and glass bottom boats connect Puerto Rico with Arguineguín and Puerto de Mogán. Tours with the catamaran are also possible and great for a day at the beach in winter.

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Winter vacation on Fuerteventura

The volcanic island of Fuerteventura was created more than 20 million years ago, which makes it the oldest of the Canary Islands. It has beaches with very fine sand and imposing dunes. The hinterland inspires with its fascinating barreness, which includes black lava fields, volcanic cones and knolls. Especially Recreation seekers and athletes get their money's worth on Fuerteventura. And especially in winter, when there are fewer tourists.

Fantastic beaches await you on Fuerteventura

Water sports are particularly popular on Fuerteventura. A good trade wind ensures the best conditions for surfers. You will find it on many stretches of coast Surf schools, in which you can learn to surf the deep blue sea with the board. Also Diving is very popular on Fuerteventura. Large animals like the blue marlin or the blue shark cavort below the surface of the water. Close to the coast you will discover smaller marine animals that found their habitat in cooled lava flows or crumbled shipwrecks. Tip: To be able to enjoy the cooler water in winter, you should wear a wetsuit.

But you can also experience a lot on land in winter on Fuerteventura. How about a Drive with the off-road vehicle along the western tip of the island? From Punta de Jandía it goes to the almost deserted northwest, which includes a lighthouse. You can make a stop in the village Puerto de la Cruz to eat an incredibly delicious fish dish in one of the quaint pubs. If you prefer to go on foot rather than by car, then a hike is a spectacular one The canyon of the Barranco de las Peñitas.

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Enjoy the winter in Tenerife

Rugged coasts and dramatic gorges, extensive beaches and a deep blue sea as well as dense forests and barren expanses make Tenerife what it is. The Teide volcano with its bizarre lava fields completes the landscape of this popular Canary Island. In the villages you will admire colonial buildings, museums and picturesque churches.

Hiking holiday in winter - no problem on Tenerife!

The largest Canary Island is ideal for a winter holiday, because you can do yours Make the holiday program very diverse. They are particularly beautiful photo motifs Casas de los Balcones in La Orotava. The fashionable town houses date from the 17th century and inspire with their ornate wooden balconies. The church dates from 1502 Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepciónwhich stands in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Not far away is the magnificent one García Sanabria Park

The mild winter time is perfect for hikes. Hiking is particularly beautiful in the island's national park, through which there are numerous routes. You pass chunks of lava rock, which give you an insight into the geology of Tenerife. A completely different landscape awaits you in Parque Las Águilas in the southwest of the island, which has a dense jungle landscape with lakes and waterfalls.

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Wintry Lanzarote

The landscape of Lanzarote could come from a science fiction film. One third of the island consists of lava, eruption craters and mountains of ash. They shimmer in bizarre color gradations between pitch black and rust red. Beaches and quaint villages with snow-white houses make Lanzarote perfect.

A play of colors in a class of its own: Papagayo Beach on Lanzarote

During your winter vacation on the island, you can visit cultural attractions like this Castillo de San José in Arrecife discover. It dates back to the 18th century and now houses a contemporary art museum. You will also discover colonial architecture on Plaza de la Constitución in Teguise.

Are you in the mood for nature? Then you can with daily values ​​around 21 ° C extensive tours on foot, by car or bike Companies. The 14 km long volcano route through the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, which gives you a view of collapsed lava tunnels, is very worthwhile. You can explore the inside of a lava tunnel on a tour through the Cueva de los Verdes. A trip to the is at least as fascinating Cactus fields Guatiza, on which over 1,400 different species of cacti thrive. For a walk on the beach, head to the Playas de Papagayos.

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La Palma - So much green in winter

La Palma is the greenest island in the Canaries. The green of the banana plantations and pine forests is a great contrast to the black lava and the royal blue ocean. Especially Hikers, mountain bikers and divers it draws people there to enjoy the idiosyncratic nature.

Green, greener, La Palma - even in winter!

You can also take tours to the volcanoes of San Antonio and Teneguía during your winter holiday on La Palma. To catch a breathtaking view of the island, pay a visit to the summit of the island's highest mountain. The Roque de los Muchachos is over 2,400 m high. With Los Tilos La Palma has a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which is characterized by laurel forests and which is also worth visiting in winter.

One of the island's cultural treasures is the Las Nieves Chapel in Santa Cruz. You can enter to admire the island sanctuary: the Virgin of the Snow.

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Winter magic on La Gomera

La Gomera is the second smallest island in the Canaries. It fascinates with a varied nature and a pleasant tranquility. Far away from the tourist crowds, you can enjoy peaceful winter holidays here. They are a popular destination for excursions Fairy tale forests of the islandthat shine in a rich green. In the Garajonay National Park there is a laurel forest that is over 1,000 years old.

Walks also bring to the steep gorges of Alajero and to the bubbling springs of Chorros de Epina. Swimming is a very special pleasure on La Gomera. The dark lava beaches are mostly deserted, so you can plunge into the sea without clothing in winter. Large whales cavort in the depths of the sea, which you can find thanks to the crystal clear water Whale tours can see well. Especially from January there is a good chance of spotting a ground whale or a beaked whale.

Those looking for peace and quiet are in good hands on La Gomera in winter

El Hierro in the winter months

If you want to recover from the stress of last year in winter, you are directed to El Hierro. The smallest Canary Island has a deserted nature and small villages. There are no golf courses, amusement parks and amusement centers. The originality leads you to extensive hikes to do on the island. It seems like time has stopped there.

On your hikes you will pass stone deserts and laurel forests. The crystal clear sea water is another highlight of the tiny island. You can get one light wetsuit for snorkeling borrow to catch a glimpse of manta rays and harmless angel sharks. German-language diving courses can be booked in La Restinga. The local culinary delicacies are also not to be underestimated. Quesadillas are one of them. It is a kind of cheese cake. Freshly caught fish is a delicious, hearty refreshment.

Discover the coastal landscape of El Hierro in winter

An experience: Christmas and New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands

Christmas and New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands are an experience, because there is a dignified party atmosphere on the islands. In the Canary Islands you can escape the stress of the holiday and enjoy the days off in peace. You lie down by the hotel pool, take a walk on the beach or explore the picturesque hinterland. Do you fancy a little Christmas spirit? No problem.

Also Christmas is coming in the Canary Islands celebrated. The Christmas trees in houses, hotels and shopping centers have lots of lights and large Christmas tree balls. Sweets are also often attached to them. Most of the time, however, they are artificial trees. Sometimes the palm trees on the promenades also wear festive decorations. You will discover artistic nativity scenes in large squares and in shopping malls. On some sections of the beach, skilled artists even make nativity scenes out of sand.

As everywhere in Spain, Christmas begins for the locals on December 22nd with the drawing of the lottery numbers for the traditional Christmas lottery. December 24th is Holy Night, when many Spaniards go to mass at midnight. Christmas carols are then often sung in the parishes.

This is one of the typical dishes at Christmas time "Turron". This is a candy with lots of almonds and honey. There is also a feast on New Year's Eve - with lots of Spanish champagne and a sumptuous meal. At midnight there is a grape for every stroke of the bell. The Spaniards believe that this should bring good luck for the coming year.