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Defqon.1: Reserve your bus tour and tickets to the best festival for hard dance and harder styles now!

At 160 BPM, life only starts to be really fun - at least if you are one of the hardcore fans who love it when the pulse is racing and the first signs of a trance appear after a night of dancing. Because beats and sounds cannot be topped. And because it's just fun to share your enthusiasm with so many people.

From hardstyle to hardcore and of course only for the tough warriors who can't get enough of the hardstyle electro festival despite power hour and concentrated hard dance music. The Hard Dance Festival has now been organized more than 15 times by Q-Dance - and we will take you and your friends directly to the festival in a coach! Arrival Thursday and departure Monday morning - in between a packed program with hard beats, screeching synths and kicks that you can only experience there!

Hard, harder, Xtra RAW - you have to be there at this festival!

If you haven't been there yourself, you've probably heard about it: After all, the hottest festival in Europe, complete with fireworks and a unique laser and light show, has been taking place in the Netherlands every year since 2003. The label Q-Dance in Almere started with a twelve-hour show, which has since become the Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, on which three full days and nights on more than 12 stages and with over 250 artists and DJs up to 80,000 fans of Hard Dance Music celebrate together, dance, admire a breathtaking stage design and celebrate an unforgettable experience.

Since 2011 the festival has been held in Biddinghuizen, a place in the Netherlands that is known to many because it is close to the Walibi World theme park. In 2012 the festival was then extended to a duration of three days. And "extended" here actually means that you can continue dancing at the after party on Saturday until 4 a.m. and enjoy cool shows and spectacular light effects, power hours and end shows with your friends on Sunday until 11 p.m.

Preparty + end show + afterparty as well as all light effects and unique fireworks shows you can experience with us, without having to worry about how you can arrive on time or which shuttle you need. Simply secure your bus seat with us now and let us organize your arrival on Thursday and departure on Monday morning on the party bus alone or with friends! After a weekend full of emotions and impressive shows, you close the festival with old and new friends at the final show, which includes fireworks and the unique laser and light show with its spectacular light effects in front of a breathtaking stage design.

The Defquon.1 Weekend Festival 2019 is themed under the motto "One Tribe". Show that you belong by having your tickets, bus travel and camping experience for the Hardstyle Electro Festival reserved today! Whether hardstyle, RAW, hardcore, UV or freestyle - discover full of vibe the tribe to which you belong in an unprecedented way and let the breathtaking stage design affect you as well as light effects and unique fireworks shows.

Safely to the festival with bus and weekend tickets including camping

So on the last weekend in June it's that time again - and the earlier you reserve your arrival and tickets, the better, because experience has shown that the free-for-sale tickets for the festival of impressive shows, including the pre-party + end show + after-party, are taken within a few hours. Day tickets guarantee you access to the festival site for exactly the day you have booked. So you have to decide in advance whether you want to be there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. With the weekend ticket you are spoiled for choice and you can also register your overnight stay at the campsite.

Is it too time-consuming for you and your friends to plan and organize everything individually? Then we definitely have the right round-trip packages for you. Included in the package

  • Entrance tickets as day tickets or weekend tickets including camping for the weekend warrior of your tribes.

  • Arrival and departure in the coach, which turns into a party bus after just a few minutes and at the same time acts like a shuttle, as it enables boarding at over 150 stops.

  • Arrival Thursday and departure Monday morning.

  • Drive to Biddinghuizen near Walibi World amusement park.

  • Bringing luggage on the bus.

Drinks and good music will be provided on the bus - ideally you should bring your own good mood with you. To ensure you have the best possible camping experience, you can also book a travel and stay package with Q-Dance and secure a place at the Friends Camp.

Secure your bus seat here now - freely selectable over 150 stops!

With the ride in the party bus and our practical round-trip packages, you no longer need to worry about your ticket or the arrival and departure. Instead, you and your fellow passengers get in the right mood for the big event. Who will play the anthem this year? Which DJs are there and which new talents?

Drinks and good music are provided on the bus, at the festival you can expect a lot of excellent DJs and music from categories such as All Harder Styles, Hardcore, RAW, UV Hardstyle, Early Rave, Early Hardstyle, Freestyle, Xtra RAW, Industrial Hardcore, Talents, extremes and more. The Power Hour, during which the participants show who has the most stamina, and of course the moving Closing Ceremony are also special highlights.

Dance, chill, get to know people with whom you share your passion for hard dance in uncomplicated to crazy ways, flirt and consciously experience every moment - you decide what you experience, with whom and in what intensity. Only one thing is clear: it will be an unforgettable experience that you can tell your grandchildren about.

With your own tribe or as a lonesome rider - we'll take you there!

Festival-goers who arrive for the entire weekend can either stay overnight in one of the nearby hotels or camp on a site belonging to the festival. You have to bring your own tents (no mobile homes or cars and trailers), sanitary facilities are of course available. So that there is enough space for as many weekend warriors as possible, your tent should not take up more than 4.5 square meters per person. If you like and arrive with a correspondingly large number of friends (20 to 50 people), you can also set up your own tribe at the Friends Camp - including a name plate and the possibility of setting up picnic tables.

You can secure tickets and the bus seat for yourself and your friends right here. It is possible to take luggage on the bus. The fact that a visit to the best Harder Styles Festival is definitely worth it is shown by the great response it has received worldwide. The first Defqon.1 festival was held in Sydney as early as 2009, and in no less a place than the international regatta center, which was built especially for the 2000 Summer Olympics. And in South America, too, people have sworn by music from hardstyle to hardcore since 2015 at the latest - fans of the Defcon.1 festival have already come to the Chilean capital twice to celebrate together.

Luckily, you don't have to travel that far - just ask friends, put together a group and secure tickets including bus space via our hotline or by email. You are of course also welcome to download our free app and / or reserve a single seat! With or without a tribe - we wish you a lot of fun and lots of extraordinary moments!