How does Dropbox make money 2

Almost 20 GB of Dropbox storage for free - that's how it works

Christian Löbering, Benjamin Schischka

With these professional tricks you can expand your 2 GB Dropbox to almost 20 GB of storage space - completely legal and free!

EnlargeUnlock more storage space on Dropbox

With the online storage Dropbox, there is 2 GB of free cloud storage space in the basic version when you register. The advantage of Dropbox: After entering your password, your data is available anywhere in your browser via The optional Windows and Mac software also automatically synchronizes the Dropbox content on all registered computers. For example, if you put documents in the Dropbox on your office PC, they are automatically also available on your laptop at home. Anyone who has installed the free iPhone or Android app also has convenient access to their online storage on their smartphone. The problem: 2 GB fill up quickly.

Often forgotten: Fast 250 MB extra memory

Have you already taken the First Steps at Dropbox and earned 250 additional MB for free? You can quickly check what is still missing at For most of them, only the first step is missing - that's a few clicks of the mouse. By the way, you don't have to do the last two steps to get the 250 MB. By the way: even in the Dropbox app for smartphones, completing the first steps brings an extra 250 MB.

Another 16 GB of Dropbox storage - that's how it works

The solution: either pay for more storage space. 1 TB costs 8.25 euros per month for private individuals (with an annual contract). Or you can invite friends and acquaintances to also create a free account. Then there is a permanent 500 MB bonus per invited user for your Dropbox and the dropbox of the invitee. In this way you can earn a maximum of 16 GB. With the 2 basic GB from the registration, you have an impressive 18 GB. Important: Refer friends and acquaintances with the link that you can find at in the "Copy link" box below. The referrals also need to install the desktop software in order for Dropbox to give you the 500MB. The first to register with Dropbox via our link, for example, are guaranteed a 500 MB bonus. The catch of this method: you need 32 registrations to get the most out of it! Very few people have that many interested friends who don't yet have a Dropbox account.

Another 125 MB permanently for your Dropbox

At you can add another 125 MB to your Dropbox account for free. If you write in the input field why you like Dropbox, you get the small bonus.

That is how much more storage space costs

Dropbox Basic is free. The prices for more Dropbox storage start at 11.99 euros per month for around 2,000 GB with monthly payments. Those who pay annually get away with 119.88 euros, which would correspond to monthly costs of 9.99 euros. Your savings: 24 euros a year.

In professional use, 19.99 euros per month are due for 3 TB. If you take out a one-year contract, you only have to pay 199 euros. Saving: 40.88 euros per year. Another advantage of the Pro version is the extended version history of 180 instead of 30 days and the option to insert watermarks.

Danger: Since March 2019 there has been a restriction on Dropbox Basic. The free version of the cloud storage can only be used with a maximum of three devices.

Tip: Dropbox offers free two-factor authentication to better protect your data. This is set up quickly.

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