How to Copy a Webinar Recording

Guide for organizers

1Sign in to GoToWebinar

If you are a new customer joining after September 4th, you will automatically see the new look and feel of GoToWebinar. If you are an existing customer, you will need to sign in with your GoToWebinar account.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the bot hiding behind your upcoming webinars. To try the fresh GoToWebinar look, click Try now.
  3. This will start the new GoToWebinar user interface on a different browser page.

2Display the dashboard

The dashboard contains a list of your upcoming and past webinars, your general webinar analytics, and your videos (event recordings). This new dashboard simplifies webinar management and improves usability and responsiveness. Have fun!

3Plan the event

GoToWebinar offers different types of webinars to suit your needs, each of which offers different experiences for attendees. Every time you schedule a webinar, you can choose which type to use. Learn how to schedule a webinar.

  • Standard events (formerly known as "Classic" webinars) are fully interactive events hosted live by the organizer. additional Information
  • Webcast events are similar to standard events, but allow organizers to host large, broadcast-like sessions with up to 2,000 attendees (available for higher tier plans) in Listener Mode. additional Information
  • Recorded events (formerly referred to as "Simulated Live" webinars) are semi-interactive, pre-recorded events that start automatically and run independently, so that the organizers do not have to be present to host the webinar. Choose this event type if you want to reuse your best recorded live event and then replay that recording multiple times with interaction! additional Information

4 Customize event details

After you've scheduled an event, you'll be taken to the event details page where you can customize it. This includes inviting panelists, managing attendee registration, adding ways to get attendees involved in polls and polls, and more. Learn more about how to customize your webinar.

5Start the event or practice ahead of time

You can easily start your webinar from the internet and practice ahead of time. Remember, you can start webinars anytime, and as often as you want, so you can easily practice ahead of time. In practice mode you will see the option to start the live broadcast to the participants.


On the dashboard, find the event that you want to open. There are two ways to start the event. Learn how to start a scheduled webinar.
  • Next to the webinar you want, click the More icon, then click Start.
  • Open the webinar from the Event Details page and click the Playback icon.
In the dashboard, find the event that you want to practice in advance. You can either open the event from the Event Details page or stay on the dashboard.
  • Click the More icon, then click To practice.
  • The GoToWebinar desktop application will automatically introduce you to the session in Practice mode (as indicated in the control panel above). You can start a live webinar in practice mode by clicking Start or Start webinar click. Learn more about practicing a webinar.

6 Show video library

Manage your videos through the video library! Click the Video Library icon in the left menu on the Dashboard. You will see a list of all of your available videos and their thumbnails. Click the More icon on the video you want to access the following features. Learn more about managing and sharing recordings.

  • Upload .WMV, .MOV and .MP4 recordings
  • View video information (including copied webinars, channels, etc.)
  • Add a recording to your channel
  • Download the recording as an MP4 file
  • Delete recording
  • Copy the shared links of the video

7View my channel

Your channel is a one-way hub for on-demand webinars. Every recording that is published on your channel page appears on, our video platform for content. This is an opportunity for your company to reach the 60 million professionals who attend the GoToWebinar events each year. Build awareness and leads by sharing your videos on GoToStage!

Access the GoToStage Channel page by clicking the Monitor icon in the left menu. This will start another browser page with your channel page. additional Information

8 View webinar analysis and reports

The "Analysis" page is a central point of contact for all data-driven elements. You can analyze your webinar history in clear charts at a high level and generate reports, which is handy when you need details about your meetings (participant information, questions and answers, etc.).

Show all | Hide all

After each event, the analysis page is updated with an overview of the participant activities that took place during the session. This includes the total number of prospects, the total number of participants, and the percentage of attendance. From this page you can filter out webinars based on prospect and attendee numbers, as well as a custom date range. More information on webinar analytics.
Depending on the details you are looking for, you can choose from several different types of reports. Click Generate Report in the upper right to access and download the following reports in Excel, CSV and PDF file types. Learn how to generate a report.
  • Meeting summary report: Displays a detailed overview of the webinar.
  • Participant report: Displays information about each participant, specifying their credentials and the duration of participation.
  • Performance report: Displays detailed statistics about a session.
  • Survey report: Displays the survey questions and participants' responses.
  • Q&A follow-up report: Shows details of the questions asked by attendees and all of the answers during a session.


9 Edit webinar settings

The Settings page allows you to change various settings that affect how your webinars are scheduled and run. These settings apply to all sessions you schedule. Learn more about how to configure default settings.


Each time you schedule a new session, the default audio settings are automatically configured for your account (but they can be changed for each session if necessary). You can choose between built-in audio or your own conference call service.
  • Integrated audio offers your subscribers multiple connection methods - computer audio (VoIP), long distance toll numbers, and toll free numbers (OpenVoice Integrated). You can change the countries for which phone numbers are provided by clicking To edit click.
  • Custom audio allows you to use your own conference call service. All you need to do is enter your audio service conference call information for attendees, organizers, and panelists.
If you want staff (organizers and panelists) to broadcast their webcams during a session, set Broadcast Webcams to On.
Manage your records through this field. You can record each session and then save the recording for attendees to review at a later time. The session recordings include the moderator's screen, audio, and any shared applications.
  • When activating the automatic recording the desktop app can automatically start recording as soon as the webinar broadcast begins. Set the switch to "On" to start automatic recording.
  • As the organizer, you can also choose how you want to save your recording. Save recordings in "My Recordings" (also known as "online recording") saves, converts, and is automatically saved to your content library. Save records to my computer only (also known as "local recording") saves the recording on your local hard drive. You need to convert the recording file to an .MP4 file before you can share it with others. Note that this recording does not include any broadcast webcams.

10Do you need further help or do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions or feedback for the GoToWebinar team? You can simply send them in using the integrated help chat.

  1. Select the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. A small window will open. Submit your question or feedback.
  3. You will be notified when a team member replies.

You can also review this list of frequently asked questions for common questions.