Who would consider Amazon as their main competitor?

In addition, under certain conditions there is the possibility that salespeople - especially in new categories - expand the product catalog. For this purpose, Amazon.de provides a large number of tips and optimization suggestions (including search terms) for creating catalog entries, which ensure that the products can be found on Amazon.de and in the advertising channels. From the seller's point of view, sales can have positive effects in online marketing, such as double listings in price search engines (seller's offer via the Amazon marketplace and their own offer). In the area of ​​SEO, the undesirable effect can also occur, namely that the product listed on Amazon ranks higher than the one in your own webshop and thus directs traffic to the Amazon sales platform instead of your own webshop.

From a manufacturer's point of view, the provision of images, texts, etc. could be worthwhile in order to present his product professionally and to stand out from competing products. A lot of time and money is invested in appropriate product presentations for online and offline channels, but the presentation on Amazon is not always appropriate.

Tip: Sellers should also use this data for themselves in their own web shop and for optimizing the data feeds for price search engines.

However, Mail Order Amazon secures the rights of use to all images, texts and data of the seller by means of terms and conditions and pays nothing for them. In addition, this information is then made available to all Amazon sellers. Critics complain that Amazon can create a free product catalog by "third parties" in this way.