What's the strangest place on earth

Top 10 most mysterious places in the world

(Almost) everyone can be romantic on the other hand, something for connoisseurs is mysterious: The world is full of fascinating, legendary and mysterious places and it is high time to discover them! 10 mysteries on 5 continents are waiting for you:

1. Easter Island, Oceania

The top 1 most mysterious places in the world: There are almost 400 statues called "Moai" on Easter Island. According to experts, they were knocked out of the slope of the Rano-Raraku volcano over 1000 years ago before the over ten-ton works of art were lowered on ropes and placed on the coast. Possibly they had a religious function, were considered a symbol of protection and a place of worship. But: What they were really used for will probably always remain in the dark ...

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Discovered in 1911, it is enthroned cultural heritage of humanity at an altitude of 2,400 meters. Located between the Andes and the Amazon rainforest, this Peruvian treasure may have served as a fortress, a temple for the worship of the sun or a place of sacrifice 500 years ago. The riddle of Machu Picchu is far from being solved!

3. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

The former city of Chichén Itzá is one of the most fascinating Mayan ruins in Mexico's Yucatán. For more than 1000 years, the shadow of the Kukulcán pyramid has been winding down the stone staircase as a "play of the feathered serpent". On the equinoxes, the illusion of the moving Quetzalcoatl arises: This is the name of the deity embodied in a feathered serpent.


4. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic

Famous for mysterious shipwrecks and plane crashes the Bermuda Triangle is a sea area of ​​at least 4 million km². This so-called devil's triangle is formed by the corner points Miami, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda. The cause of the ship and flight accidents has so far been suspected to be the shift in the magnetic field by supernatural forces and even aliens. The actual explanation could lie in abrupt methane gas eruptions and seaquakes, but despite numerous studies there is no certainty ...


5. The necropolis of Giza, Egypt

The three pyramids of Giza keep many secrets; especially the world's largest, the Great Pyramid of Cheops. As one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the 4500 year old structure is still a mystery today. Neither the branched spatial system nor the significance of the boat pits surrounding them has been fully explored. Who is surprised: Allegedly the pyramid and simultaneous burial place of the Pharaoh Cheop is under a curse.

6. Stonehenge, UK

Stonehenge means "hanging stones". These megaliths in southern England form a circular structure of blue stones, which are surrounded by equally stone benches and a small ditch. Once cursed as the work of the devil, it was finally recognized that the construction - surprise - is of human origin. Beyond that, however, very little is known about the meaning of this druid altar and even less about the rituals that were performed on it.

7. The Nazca Lines, Peru


Geoglyphs are giant lines and characters carved into the ground. There are not many of them in the world. The Nazca Lines extend over approximately 450 km² and some of them date from pre-Christian times. Monkey, bird, tree and orca whale can only be recognized from the air with their kilometer-long lines. The origin and meaning of the lines are still hidden today.

8. Crop circles, southern England

The mysterious ones have a similar appearance Agroglyphs aka. Crop circles in the English counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire, which were not fully discovered until 2001. They are the largest of their kind and their origin has not yet been fully clarified.

9. Jiuzhaigou, China

This nature reserve is located in Sichuan Province and is home to a bamboo forest that could serve as a backdrop for a science fiction film. Among adventurers of yesteryear, parts of the forest were considered the valley of death, from whose thick fog some never returned ...

10. Vaitheeswarankoi, India

The millennia-old Hindu temple Vaitheeswaran is located in southern India. It is dedicated to the deity Shiva, who stands for healing and a new beginning as well as destruction, and whoever prays here will be redeemed from diseases, it is said. According to legend, the holy waters of the temple complex also contain nectar with healing properties. In addition to many mystical legends from the leprosy cure of the planet Mars to the cremation of King Jatayu, the palm leaf library gives the temple a mysterious flair. In this, the fate of every person is supposedly written down on a palm leaf up to the day of his death. Who still wants to read horoscopes ...