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Essay Writing - What types are there?

Oh dear! Yours Exam is already in two weeks? You should have one essay write and have no idea how to do it? Maybe you are also confused because you've heard so many different things about essay writing?

The interplay of content and form

Don't worry, you can do it easily! This video gives you a compact overview of the various Essay types and some important writing tips. Of course, you also have to prepare yourself well for the topic of the exam. But especially with an essay, it comes down to them outer shape at.

The best content is worthless without correct one shape! This is especially true for essays in English, which are subject to strict rules. Not only content, but also form matters! Perhaps you are wondering: What kind of essay is an essay anyway? Text type? You could put it this way:

Definition essay

An essay is generally one short text, in which the author deals with a scientific, cultural or social topic. The essay should be a Work out the problem. In the end it should be a short one argumentative text stand, the one claim from different Angles considered to ultimately be your own Make your point of view ** clear.

Before you start writing, you should therefore first read the Task read carefully and think about the subject. It's best to take notes beforehand and think about how you will write your essay structure want. The Red thread is very important!

Structure of an essay

Let's look at the general first construction of an essay: Each essay consists of three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Let's assume your exam assignment would be: "Examine the question whether children today are less happy than 20 years ago." In the introduction, you should make the reader curious about your essay and explain what it is about.

Typical introductory sentences

Here you can Formulations fall back like: In the following essay I shall be concerned with the question if children today are less happy than 20 years ago. Would also be possible Introductory sentences how: Society has changed a lot in the past 20 years. What do these changes mean for children and teenagers? Are they less happy today?

Introductory sentences such as: Society has changed a lot in the past 20 years. What do these changes mean for children and teenagers? Are they less happy today? To the Bulk You should structure as many as possible in a meaningful way "Connectives" use. Here are a few examples of “Ordering” connectives: To begin with, First of all, Secondly, Finally, furthermore, additionally, besides, moreover, on top of that ...

Point out reasons or conditions

With these phrases you can reasons or conditions to point for something: unless, suppose that, provided that, at any rate, in any case, even if ...And here are some more connectives with which you can refer to the previously mentioned: as to, as for, with regard to, with reference to, as I mentioned before, referring to ...

The conclusion in the essay

In the conclusion Finally, summarize the most important facts or arguments again. You shouldn't bring in any new ideas here. Instead, you should come back to the beginning of your essay. Introduction and conclusion should form a bracket around the body. You can do one too outlook give and others Perspectives imply.

Example sentences for the conclusion

Here are a few Example sentencesthat you can learn for your exam: In conclusion ...., To sum up ..., As a result ..., After all ..., Given these facts it seems as if..Taking everything into consideration ...

Essay types

This general framework for the structure of an essay can now be filled out in different ways. Generally there is three different types of essays: expository essay, comment and argumentative essay. Let's take a closer look at that.

expository essay

The expository essay is a explanatory essay. The aim of this essay is to present a topic clearly and logically. To do this, you explain something using FACTS and keep your personal opinion to yourself for the time being. However, you can of course objectively contribute your personal experience.


In the introduction you should have your "Main thesis" formulate on the topic. In each paragraph of the main part you deal with a fact that you can find in the topic sentence name and then carry out using examples. In the conclusion you will finally take up your “main thesis” and your main points again. Then you briefly formulate yours own opinion on the subject or speak one recommendation out.

Example sentences for the expository essay

You should make the exact structure of the essay dependent on the task at hand. This could be, for example Explain why ..., outline the effects of ... or compare ... to ...Here is an example task to try out: Explain why and to whom racism is harmful. (Hint: Consider all parties involved, not just the victims.)

The Comment

Let's go on with the “Comment”. “Comment” is best done with the German one "Discussion" translate. Here is yours now personal opinion asked on a topic. However, you should be able to give reasons for your opinion, so one "Well-founded opinion" represent.

Also pay attention to the task here. Most of the time you can decide for yourself which opinion you want to represent. Try if possible convincing arguments to find those who support your opinion. This works best when you give plenty of examples that make your point clear.

Structure of the comment

So first you illuminate a topic from several sides and then come to a personal and subjective Enough. In the introduction, you should initially only arouse interest, but not give your opinion yet. In the main part you formulate short paragraphs topic sentences, the explanations and examples.

In the conclusion you then summarize your arguments and evaluate them with your personal opinion. Here are a few connectives that you can use to express your personal opinion: Fortunately, sadly, frankly, In my opinion, of course. And again: focus on task!


The task is: "Discuss ..." should you Pro and contra arguments weigh against each other. However, if it reads “comment ...” you should only use arguments that support your point of view. Here again two sample exercises to practice: Discuss if children should be allowed to vote in Germany. Comment on the current situation concerning the new airport BER. OK. Let's continue with the argumentative essay.

argumentative essay

As the name suggests, we have one here argumentative essay to do. In contrast to the comment, you illuminate here controversial Subject from different points of view. You either try to approach the reader from your point of view to convince or arguments from both sides neutral to represent. So you can either try to persuade your reader or stay neutral.

Structure of the argumentative essay

Here, too, you start your essay with an introduction, which should arouse the reader's interest. You structure your main part again into short paragraphs with topic sentences, each dealing with one argument. If you want to convince the reader of your opinion, you should clearly distinguish between the pros and cons. If you stay neutral, your arguments should be as good as possible factual to get presented.

Whichever posture you choose, it is important that you argue logically and bring many examples. Here are a few useful connectives for an argumentative essay: although ..., on the one hand ... on the other hand ... whereas, however, in spite of ..., in contrast to ... on the contrary, nevertheless, otherwise.

example tasks

And again two example tasks: Some scientist think that one day we could live on the moon. Do you think this is a good idea? Why? Why not? What is more important when choosing a partner for life: common interests or common life plans? Justify your answer.

And here's a little extra tip at the end: Take a look at English-language daily newspapers, for example "The Guardian". There you will find many articles in the Essay stylethat can serve as a role model for you and in which you will definitely find great formulations to imitate.

In order to prepare yourself well for your exam, the best thing to do is to simply write test essays for each type. For example, you can do a few "Example tasks" edit from this video. I wish you a lot of fun and good luck for your exam!