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Distance learning psychotherapy

Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy in distance learning

The training to become a naturopath for psychotherapy via distance learning is strictly speaking no proper training, but a preparation course for the medical exam according to the Heilpraktikergesetz at the health department. Because you can only become a naturopath for psychotherapy if you have passed this official examination at the health department responsible for you. How you prepare for this exam really doesn't matter. It is up to you whether you complete a distance learning course as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy or prepare yourself for the exam at the health department.

However, since the content is extensive, the exam is very demanding and you have a lot of responsibility for your patients after the exam, participation in such an exam preparation course is recommended. You can complete it as a distance learning course or as a part-time face-to-face course.

Find a distance learning alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

On the one hand, we list the distance learning opportunities, but also the part-time face-to-face courses, which are also ideal if you are working.

The distance learning course in psychotherapy is aimed at everyone who would like to work as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, but also at those who are already active in a social or advisory profession and now want to expand their previous field of work to include psychotherapy.


While the examination to become an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy is regulated by law, the preparatory courses are not. What exactly is taught is at the discretion of the course provider. But since these are aimed at satisfied graduates, they are usually based on the examination content of the health department. The aim is that after the course you will know different forms of mental disorders, be able to differentiate them from illnesses, gain insights into the history of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and get to know different therapy methods.

Course contents include:

  • General and special psychopathology
  • Teaching of individual diseases
  • Examination and medical history
  • diagnosis
  • documentation
  • Epidemiology
  • psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric-psychotherapeutic emergencies
  • Law Studies
  • Framework conditions of the activity
  • General preparation for the examination for alternative practitioner psychotherapy

Depending on which distance learning course you choose, the content, the focus and the practical components can vary. Some providers not only want to prepare you for the exam at the health department, but also provide you with comprehensive training. Thus, practical seminars are integrated into some distance learning courses, which offer you the opportunity to try out the theoretical content in practice and, for example, to simulate a psychotherapy session.

The degrees from distance learning providers are also different. With some you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course, with the other providers you even have to pass a final exam so that you can be issued with a certificate. But be careful: this final exam has nothing to do with the exam at the health department!

Examination at the health department

Important to know: Register for the exam in good time, because sometimes it takes up to two years to get an appointment for the exam.

The aim of the exam is to find out whether you can practice the medicine and do not pose a risk to the patient. To find out, the exam is divided into a written and an oral part. First there is the written exam, which lasts 60 minutes and consists of 28 multiple-choice questions. For some questions only one answer is possible, for other questions you can choose multiple answers. To pass the exam, you have to answer 75 percent of the questions correctly. An exam question can be, for example:

A 65-year-old patient has been retired for a few weeks. His wife reports that he has changed a lot since then. He is very withdrawn and taciturn. When he speaks to her, he only expresses worries and fears.

Which diagnosis is most likely to apply to the description?

a) Post-traumatic stress disorder
b) Adjustment disorder
c) somatization disorder
d) Dependent Personality Disorder
e) anxiety disorder

The written exam is followed by the oral exam at some distance. This takes 45 minutes.

We don't want to paint the devil on the wall, but it can always happen that you fail the exam. You can of course repeat the exam! However, if you fail the oral exam, you will have to repeat the written exam. You can repeat the exam three times in total, however you will have to pay for the exam fees every time, which are between 350 and 750 euros.

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Today we work and learn differently, more virtually, more flexibly. So why compromise on your studies? With an IU distance learning course you can start at any time, study comfortably from home and test the offer four weeks in advance free of charge. Change studies or have previous work recognized? Clear! We are happy to help you and give you tips on online teaching.