Can you make your belly grow

Baby bump

When does the baby bump start growing?

From when your pregnancy bump is visible depends, among other things, on your stature and figure. Most women do not see pregnancy in the first three months: the belly only grows insignificantly. From the fourth month (13 weeks of gestation or second trimester) you can slowly see a bulge: This is because your child is then more pronounced (see Embyo development) and now needs more space. In this second third of your pregnancy you can also feel the first movements of your child and your baby ball gradually increases.

What is the function of the pregnancy belly?

For 9 months your tummy is the “baby area”: As your baby gets bigger every day, the uterus adapts accordingly. The amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac protects your little one from external shocks. The placenta and the umbilical cord provide the baby with nutrients.

This is what the waist circumference says

There are many factors, they affect the size of your baby bump. This includes:

  • Weight and height of pregnant women
  • Woman's skin and fabric texture
  • First child or mom already several times?
  • Training condition
  • Child's weight and height

However, the following does not apply: the bigger the stomach, the bigger the child. Usually the pregnancy belly includes too At the end of pregnancy 100 to 120 centimeters.

"May I touch it?"

A bulging baby bump - that is almost magical for many people and maybe you, as a pregnant woman, will be asked by complete strangers if they can touch your belly. Ultimately, you decide whether and by whom your pregnancy belly will be touched or not. This is not harmful to the little being in you.

This is how you care for your stomach during pregnancy

As the skin is stretched a lot, so-called "stretch marks" can occur. You can prevent these stretch marks on the stomach from the very beginning of your pregnancy: Here you will find valuable tips on how to prevent stretch marks.

Tips for everyday life

  • Start your To tighten pants or do they no longer fit? Thread a hair elastic through the buttonhole and use it to close the button. That creates extra inches and you can continue to wear your previous pants. If that doesn't help: switch to maternity wear.
  • The bigger the baby bump, the more short of breath the mother-to-be becomes. Take care of yourself and avoid long stairs. Instead, you can Escalators or Elevators use - even if that means a little detour.
  • Listen to your body: When you are tired, take a rest - even if you have an appointment with your friends.