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Welcome to our bexio heroes

Swiss entrepreneurs tell their success stories

Welcome to our bexio heroes!
Our bexio heroes are Swiss entrepreneurs who report on their path as entrepreneurs and how they built their business so successfully. Learn everything about the experiences, challenges, learnings and stumbling blocks that are relevant for an entrepreneur like you. In the videos you can see how our heroes managed to be successful with their companies.

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SMEs & their stories

The step into self-employment is not an easy one. Find out how other entrepreneurs have done it and learn from their experiences.

Be successful & get started

Founders help founders. Use this experience for yourself and put your company on the road to success.

Insights, learnings, tips & stumbling blocks

As a self-employed person you have to struggle with challenges. Hear how other entrepreneurs cope with difficult times and how they come back stronger.

Our bexio heroes

We look forward to introducing you to our bexio heroes in detail.

It remains exciting ...

Stay tuned. More heroes will come with their stories!