Hot dogs cause cancer

Bacon Gate: Does Eating Red Or Processed Meat Cause Cancer?

  • Let's look at the facts: there is enough evidence that processed meat definitely causes cancer, and red meat probably causes cancer. And yes, it puts processed meat in the same category as other, deadly sounding substances. But can you still enjoy a hot dog (preferably organically grown) or a hamburger (preferably grass-fed beef) while grilling?

  • According to the panel, yes. The IARC's categories are designed to show how certain the group is that substances cause cancer. They don't judge how high the risk is or how much cancer they cause.

  • So the IARC has enough evidence to suggest that a diet high in processed meat causes cancer. They also have ample evidence that tobacco causes cancer. However, they are not saying that the risk of cancer from processed meat and tobacco is the same. The following graph from Cancer Research UK illustrates this well: While 86 percent of lung cancers are due to tobacco, only 21 percent of colon cancers are.

  • For processed meat, I recommend that you omit it most of the time as it contains harmful chemical compounds that can increase your risk of developing chronic illness. It's much better to buy, cook (!), And consume good quality, grass-fed beef in moderation. It's a great natural source of protein and iron, and it actually contains cancer-fighting conjugated linoleic acid. Conjugated liic acid has shown immune-enhancing and carcinogenic effects in several animal studies. (3) Eating this quality of meat 1-2 times a week on any diet, including the keto diet, can be healthy and satisfying.

  • Also pay attention to the portion sizes. The American Heart Association recommends two to three ounces of cooked, lean protein per serving. Not sure what that means? A meat serving size should be about the size of a bar of soap. Round off your plate with plenty of vegetables and other nutritious foods, and vary the sources of protein by including fish and poultry too.

  • And while I've long advised against eating processed meat for a variety of reasons ... no, that occasional slice of bacon or sausage compound doesn't cause cancer.