Is bodybuilding required to impress girls

More success in women with more muscles? An Expert's Amazing Truth


At first glance, I admit that this article doesn't seem to fit into a blog about bodybuilding. But let me briefly explain to you why he's so incredibly valuable to so many men out there.

When I started weight training at the young age of 13, I wanted huge muscles. I wanted to stand out and of course I wanted to impress the girls. My thought was:

Once I look like Arnold, I'll have all the girls' attention ...

Since many readers of the Bodybuilding 2.0 blog are male, I would like to address you with this article and discuss a special aspect about attractiveness with you. In many men, the desire to have more muscles, a six-pack or perhaps a good appearance slumbers to be more attractive to the female sex.

But the question is: do more muscles make women more attractive or more successful?

With bodybuilding, I wanted to impress a small part (maybe a big part) of the ladies. Fortunately, that was only part of my motivation, otherwise I would have given up on this sport long ago.

Let's get back to the question in the title and how this article actually came about:

By chance I came across some interesting blogs about men while surfing the internet. I then got stuck on a very special blog. It was the one from Anchu with the title “”. The open and honest way Anchu writes has motivated me to thank him for his great articles. This then resulted in e-mail traffic and the idea for this article.

Anchu is an expert when it comes to attracting women.

I recommend you, dear reader and bodybuilding fan, to read the following article very, very carefully. It could completely change the way you view women.

Anchu's article:

More muscles, more success with women?

You toil. You train hard, eat healthy, pay attention to your recovery. You are slowly getting the body that you always wanted to have. Maybe you are not quite there yet, but already close.

The six-pack can be seen. Your arms are massive. Your upper body has become a big, powerful one V become. At last! You have a body that you are really proud of - and rightly so!

Now of course you want to show your pride and win with it. After all, women love strong men with well-trained bodies.

But there comes the surprise, the rude awakening. You are not more successful with women than before - maybe even less! How is that possible? And above all, why?

Many men do not understand what women find attractive in a man. And above all, they think they have to impress women, e.g. with their bodies. It was the same for me once. For a long time, my motivation for the gym was women.

The problem is, women find it unattractive when men try to impress them.

And believe me, women all the time have the feeling that men want to impress them - be it with expensive cars, their job or their muscles.

So if you try to make an impression with your muscles and want to impress women with them, you will have little success with them.

How so? Because every time you try to impress a woman, you are exuding nothing but insecurity. You symbolize to her that you, as the man you are, do not perceive yourself as attractive enough. You think you have to impress her first in order for her to like you.

That radiates weakness and submissiveness. You put them above you - and that is exactly what is unattractive. Women love men who are confident, who know who they are and what they stand for. Such a man does not have the need to impress a woman. Why also? He knows what he's worth and doesn't have to keep proving it. Because that would be too much of a good thing and ridiculous.

It's like spraying a few flames on the hood of a Ferrari - to make it look even more impressive.

Does that mean your muscles are making you unattractive?

No of course not. Most women love men with six pack abs. What makes you unattractive, however, is your behavior - that is, when you're trying to impress her with it.

If you want to become more attractive and more successful with women, what you can do is develop traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women. That means becoming an attractive man and not pretending to be one.

  • This means becoming a man who is authentic, who has clearly defined values, and who has a firm opinion. Who stands by what he thinks and feels and expresses this clearly and clearly - no matter who he is talking to.
  • It means to be a man who knows who he is and what he wants - and who therefore does not seek confirmation from others. Who does not try to impress other people, because after all he is aware that he does not need to.
  • It means to be a man who treats women honestly and respectfully, but at the same time is dominant and takes what he wants without asking for permission. A man who wants attractive women in his life, but does not need them and therefore does not run after them desperately.

All of these qualities really make you an attractive man - not your 50cm arm.

Women perceive attraction differently than men. We men are much more visual. Nice face, good breasts and an apple bum and we are thrilled. It's different with women. Women feel attraction much more slowly than we do and mainly through emotions, i.e. how they feel in your presence.

Because of this, they are more attracted to a man's character traits and behavior than his looks.

So if you want a beautiful, aesthetic and healthy body (which is definitely a goal to strive for), then exercise, watch your diet and follow Thomas's tips ...

But if you want more success with women, then become an attractive man and learn how to seduce women.

But don't confuse one with the other. Because they are two different things.

About the author: Anchu Kögl travels the world and writes about women, sex and masculinity. Intense, filterless and shockingly direct. His blog:

Closing remarks from Thomas

No, this article is not wishful thinking. It's not a joke either! It is the truth that I can do more than underline myself.

I hope you don't go to training just to impress women with your body. As you have just learned, this is difficult to do.

Get into training and watch your diet to get fitter and healthier. You are the target. You are in the center. And only if you accept yourself in this way will you radiate your self-esteem to the female gender and thus generate an enormous attraction.

When I started bodybuilding, I was shy, very shy. Today, over 15 years later, I am grateful to have discovered this sport, because it taught me discipline and shaped my will. I can say without exaggeration that bodybuilding built my mind as well as my body. That I became significantly more self-confident and confident in dealing with other people. That's what creates attraction.

What is your opinion on this article?

I am curious to read your thoughts on it. Just write to me in the comment field below. I'm looking forward to it 🙂

Best regards


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