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Homework in PPS (pedagogy, psychology, sociology)

Hi Guys.
I hope you can help me, I am desperate.
I've been looking at the assignment all day and read the text 1000 times, but I can't think of anything.
At school we got a text to read and two questions about it.

The text (is a bit long but I hope someone reads it anyway)

Britta has been doing her first internship at Kita Sonnenschein for two weeks. Britta and her conductor are in the action room with the children during the free play when the instructor is called on the phone. Britta sees that Haken (3 years old) is climbing along the outside of the plateau. She calls: "Hakan, you'd better come down there, that's too high for you, you can crash there!" "
Hakan doesn't respond. Britta calls again louder: "Hakan, come down there immediately, it's closed
dangerous! "Hakan continues climbing and has now reached the top. Suddenly Britta hears screaming behind her. Anna (2 years old) is crying and holds her hand to her head, Melanie (2 years old) stands by and hits Anna with a fire truck. Britta quickly runs to the two of them and takes the fire truck away from Melanie. She scolds Melanie: "You mustn't hit Anna, you know that!" Melanie calls: "Go away!" "and hurls a Duplo stone at Britta.
Leon (4 years old) plucks Britta's arm and says tearfully: “It's so loud, it's so loud. "At that moment the supervisor comes back and calls all the children together." Was everything okay? " asks the instructor. "Well ..." replies Britta, but the supervisor turns away because she has just discovered that Tom (3 years old) is sitting alone in the corner, pulling the wallpaper off the wall in small snippets.
Do I really want to become a teacher? Britta shoots it through the head.
In the evening she writes an email to her best friend:
Dear Jana,
I'm pretty desperate in my internship. The children there don't obey at all, I don't even know how to raise them, they do what they want. I think most of them are spoiled only children. Others don't listen to me and look at me like I'm speaking Spanish. In the past the children were somehow different, today they are all little egoists. They are also no longer able to play properly with each other. I also don't know how to keep the children busy in a meaningful way. What shall I do ?
Greetings, Britta
Jana's reply email comes promptly:
Dear Britta,
Don't throw in the gun right away. The best thing to do is to write down all of your questions and talk to your instructor in peace - she's sure to have a few ideas for you.
Let me hear from you how it goes on!
Kind regards, Jana

What knowledge and skills would Britta need to be able to act appropriately in the described situation?
Put together a catalog of questions that Britta should discuss with her instructor.

I honestly don't know what my teacher would like to hear, I think Britta couldn't react differently and still can't.

Do you have an idea ?

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards, Cinderella