What language is Netflix generally coded in

Internet Netflix Codes: How to Find More Movies


If you've been using Netflix for a while, you've probably known the problem of forever searching the home page and still not finding anything. You are familiar with every category from "New Releases" to "Popular" to the individual genres such as "Action" and "Comedy" and you have the feeling that you already know it all. Here we are going to show you a method how you can use the full potential of Netflix by using secret codes. This unpublished, secret category system enables you to find new content on Netflix. In our article we will first explain how this works and give you a list of all Netflix codes. Finally, we refer once again to practical Firefox and Google Chrome add-ons that will make your work easier.

How do I find and use the hidden Netflix categories?

Due to the large number of films and series on offer, each individual genre and subgenre has its own number for the corresponding category. The first requirement is that you log into Netflix. Then enter this link with the desired code: www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX. The placeholder "XXXX"is to be replaced by the desired category. An example would be for the" Animation for adults "category (11881) the link www.netflix.com/browse/genre/11881.

All Netflix codes

We have put together a complete list for you according to higher-level categories. All genres are stored with the corresponding link and are also listed with the number. Select the category you want with a click and discover new films.

Note: Films are not always included in every category. The reason for this is the constantly changing program of Netflix.

Is there an easier way to use the secret codes?

If you have the Firefox- or Google Chrome browser we have good news for you: The add-on "FindFlix"adds a tool to your browser that calls up the Netflix categories directly and is completely free of charge.

Our example shows the add-on for Firefox. To do this, just click that Tool in your browser at the top right and enter the desired category in English. The add-on now shows you all the sub-categories for the generic term. The download for Firefox is here and for Google Chrome here.

We explain how to install add-ons in the following instructions: