What color goes with the brown sofa

The big 5 colors for sofas that go well with you.

When looking for your dream sofa, you will have to ask yourself the basic question: Which sofa color suits me and my furnishing style?

The furniture market has a huge selection of colors for sofas.

With the classic tones like Black and gray there is little you can do wrong. They are very suitable for larger sofas. Smaller sofas can have more conspicuous colors or wear a patterned fabric.

A white sofa is all the rage. However, it can only be recommended to a limited extent. Especially when children and pets use the sofa to run around, a beautiful white couch can quickly become a piece of furniture. But not only children and animals can become malefactors. Colored clothing, such as Jeans that have not been washed often can leave unsightly stains.

Black sofa

The black leather sofa is probably the classic and is therefore stylish and of high quality. A black sofa, whether made of leather or fabric, requires larger, bright and light-flooded rooms. In front of a white wall, it looks classy and attracts all the attention.

Combine accessories such as sofa cushions, blankets and picture frames in complementary colors. So white and gray are the right colors here to create a harmonious interior.

Sofa cushions with black and white patterns are very suitable for black sofas

Tip: If your living room is rather small and dark, you should refrain from a black sofa. Otherwise the sofa can appear squat in the room.

Brown sofa

Sofas in various warm brown tones, such as chocolate, cognac and beige, have one thing in common: they shine Cosiness out and convey security. For this reason, brown is often chosen as the color for sofas. Especially in combination with the color white, the brown sofa creates a timeless furnishing style.

If you want to bring a little more color into play, add green pillows and other small accessories. The green shouldn't be too dark here, however.

But also bigger ones Splash of color go well with your brown sofa. 3 sofa cushions in matching colors give it a fresh touch.

A free-standing armchair or a colorful pouff are ideal as a combination object. But be careful: Use colors only in limited quantities. The brown sofa should remain the eye-catcher and only be complemented by color nuances.

Gray sofa

The gray sofa is your wild card. If you prefer it plain or your existing furnishings are already a colorful mix, then opt for a gray sofa. It fits in every living room. It looks reserved, elegant and does not take other color tones out of focus.

Colorful accessories such as blankets and sofa cushions can be combined as desired.

Green sofa

The color green is the decoration and furnishing trend in 2021. A green sofa will liven up your living room. In combination with white walls and wooden furniture, such as a sideboard, an atmosphere of well-being is immediately created.

If a sofa in green is too daring for you, then opt for a brown sofa and combine it with cushions in different shades of green. A brown Chesterfield sofa looks great against a green wall.

Pink sofa

Pastel shades, such as a delicate old pink, have been in trend again and again since the 1950s. They really come into their own in connection with rather simple ones Furniture in white or cognac.

If the sofa is not too playful, it can be wonderfully combined with colored accessories in other pastel shades. Light tones in green, yellow, mint and lilac are a perfect match.Other shades of pink are also suitable for a harmonious interior design.

Conclusion: There are (too) many colors for sofas

When buying a sofa, think about whether the piece of furniture goes with your other furnishings and whether you really want to follow a trend. Buying a sofa is probably an investment that you don't make that often. However, you can also have the sofa reupholstered later.

In doubt:
Pull the joker and opt for a gray sofa!