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What does the “Ci” stand for at BMW? - Enlightenment

Abbreviations are the Germans' favorite hobby. Who should still see through all the ISDN, OHP, ZDF, SPD, FDH, WWW and MOPO. We are no longer aware of many abbreviations such as DNS as an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid or the acronym bus for bus. The Germans particularly like to use abbreviations and additions for their car brands. That sounds so beautifully mysterious and of high quality. And who wouldn't want to say to their boss during their lunch break, “I drive a BMW 320 Ci”. It sounds impressive and the boss can wonder what the Ci actually means in this model name.

So what does the Ci stand for?

BMW is definitely one of the front runners when it comes to abbreviations for their car models. The abbreviation Ci of the BMW brand stands for Coupe injection.

  • coupe is the term for the two-door car type. This can be a convertible. But there are also closed two-door models, which are also known as coupes.
  • Injection translated means injection. This addition to the name was chosen because the gasoline is injected directly without a turbocharger. It is a gasoline engine.

Example models with the Ci in their name at BMW are the BMW 320 Ci and the BMW 135 Ci.

Other abbreviations for BMW

The letter i for injection is also used individually, as in the BMW 118i.
Other abbreviations that BMW uses are, for example, the letter d for diesel engine. E stands for development project and the number behind it indicates how many BMW projects it is already.

Not only BMW cars but all motorcycles have abbreviations in their names. Here R stands for roadster, S for super sports car, K for the series with water-cooled in-line six-cylinder and there are several more abbreviations.