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More and more people over the age of 60 are playing games

  • More than 34 million Germans play computer and video games
  • Over 5 million senior citizens are game
  • The average age of the players rises to 37.5 years

Berlin, April 2, 2020 - More and more senior citizens are discovering games for themselves: Currently, over 5 million people aged 60 and over play computer and video games in Germany. This corresponds to an increase of around 700,000 players compared to the previous year; In 2019 there were about 4.4 million people. In total, more than 34 million people play computer and video games in Germany. This was announced today by game - the association of the German games industry, based on data from the market research company GfK. As with all other age groups, women and men play equally among the over 60s. Seniors use smartphones and tablets most frequently to play: around 50 percent of the players in this age group use this opportunity.
"For many people over the age of 60, a virtual game of skat, building simulation or a crossword puzzle are just as much a part of everyday life as reading the daily newspaper or watching the news," says game manager Felix Falk. “For older people, games are often the door opener to the digital world. They not only entertain, but also enable digital participation. Last but not least, the current Corona crisis shows how important access to the digital world is also for older people. "

The average age of gamers in Germany continues to rise

More than 34 million people currently play computer video games in Germany. Half of them are women (around 48 percent). The average age of gamers in Germany has increased compared to the previous year. From 36.4 years in 2019 to the current 37.5 years. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the number of gamers over the age of 50 and 60 is continuously increasing in Germany. On the other hand, many players have remained loyal to their medium from the very beginning and are now classified in this age group.

Information on the market data

Please note: For the first time, evaluations for the age group 60 plus were made for the current market data. The corresponding data was visualized in the associated market data graphic.
The market data mentioned are based on surveys by the GfK Consumer Panel and App Annie. GfK uses survey methods to collect data from the German market for digital games that are unique in the world and in terms of quality. This includes, among other things, an ongoing survey of 25,000 consumers, representative of the entire German population, on their shopping and usage habits for digital games, as well as a retail panel. The data collection methods allow a unique insight into the German market for computer and video games.

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