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Hubspot - The CRM and Marketing Software in the Test [Review]

HubSpot CRM Free and the HubSpot Marketing Tools offer a complete solution for efficient and cost-effective inbound marketing.


HubSpot CRM: free and easy entry into professional customer service


HubSpot is a specialist in inbound marketing, some of which are free tools ready for this area and is itself an excellent example of a successful application of this marketing discipline.



How does the free HubSpot CRM software and the others Inbound Marketing Tools in the test?


Screenshot of the HubSpot CRM module


HubSpot CRM - manage customer relationships efficiently and free of charge

HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive tool for customer relationship management that was developed by the provider with the aim of being easy and quick to use.

Instead of the month-long familiarization phase that is usual with CRM tools, the manufacturer promises productive use within minutes.

While HubSpot with other tools for inbound marketing one Freemium strategy pursued, i.e. combining free functionality with chargeable features, is the CRM software completely free usable.

That means without any restriction of functionality.

The tool manages up to one Million contacts, without time limit. Despite this free and high-performance offer, the inbound marketing software from HubSpot offers interfaces to other CRM tools such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM.


Ready to use with HubSpot CRM

HubSpot has equipped the CRM software with automatisms at crucial points for a quick introduction to the productive application.

This means that this tool automatically tracks interactions without you having to explicitly set up this functionality.

The CRM tool also visualizes sales in its dashboard by default. This clear view can be followed relevant parameters sort and compare with your own specifications.

  • successful / unsuccessful sales
  • upcoming dates
  • concluded contracts

In addition, you can filter sales according to various criteria, for example to get a quick overview of those who require an action.


Contact details


CRM dashboard


HubSpot: Integrate inbound marketing activities

The HubSpot CRM software interacts with other inbound marketing tools from the manufacturer and other providers in order to automatically evaluate sales activities.

This includes email applications such as Gmail and Outlook as well as tools for Social media marketing.

The interface summarizes all information about a lead in one central location.

The timeline shows Emails, calls, meetings and notes at a glance.

The synchronization with the HubSpot Marketing software also offers insights into which channels a customer has used.

That enables a individual optimization the sales strategy.




What do the HubSpot Marketing Tools cost?

The HubSpot CRM As already mentioned, it can be used completely free of charge, even in the long term.

As a user of the CRM software, you also get access to free versions of others HubSpot Marketing Toolsavailable under a freemium plan.

The Service Hub, on the other hand, is purely paid software. The HubSpot Service Hub Professional contains tools for customer care. It's off 368 euros per month available.

The freemium packages offer additional benefits in connection with a fee-based license.

In the Marketing Hub You can get Starter Edition for 46 euros per month For example, a lead analytics dashboard, forms, an overview of your contacts' activities, and a freely branded version.

E-mail synchronization with Gmail, G Suite or Outlook is possible via the paid version of the Sales Hub.


Price overview HubSpot



What functionality does HubSpot CRM offer?

The functions of the CRM software are divided into seven tabs. Under the first you will find the management of your contacts. Simply insert new ones by entering the E-mail address or des Domain name of the company.

The CRM automatically carries it already known Details of the people, Teams or Companies a. The Conversations tab provides tools for the Creation of emails and templates.

A core area is that Sales tabwhere you can track sales, tasks, documents and meetings.

The Marketing tab supports lead generation. Here you can automatically get data Web forms take over into the CRM.

Additional functions are available after an upgrade, such as support for Email and landing pages. This also applies to the tabs service and automation.

For example, the Service tab gives you access to a Ticket system for customer support.

The tab Reports finally provides tools for that Analysis of your marketing activities.


Combine free and paid user functionality

The HubSpot CRM software includes free user management unlimited number of users.

With some HubSpot marketing tools, such as the service or sales hub, the Number of users on the other hand, depends on the subscription chosen.

Users that you create in the CRM software are automatically also available in the other tools.

However, you do not have to give every user access to all functions.

Users who only have access to the CRM software remain free.




Use HubSpot Marketing Tools productively

HubSpot's marketing tools combine all functions for inbound marketing.

This includes the management of e-mail contacts and campaigns, with time-controlled dispatch, and templates with integrated success measurement as well as:

The range of software applications from HubSpot thus qualifies as All-in-one solution for inbound marketing.

The free HubSpot CRM forms the basis and provides the database for the other marketing tools.


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