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Copyright in a graphic: what you should know for designers

By, last update on: February 17th, 2021

By Graphics can be Connections and information represent and convey visually. The most important design features in graphic design include Images, colors and writing. The combination of these elements results in products such as Company logos, advertising brochures or infographics. Usually these projects are commissioned, but how does this affect that Copyright for this graphic out?

FAQ on copyright for a graphic

If copyright doesn't protect a graphic, can I just use it?

Basically, assessing when there is copyright protection is a complex process. Just because you yourself do not consider a design to be creative does not automatically mean that there is no threat of a warning if it is used without the consent of the creator. In addition, a draft can also be registered as a design with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Does copyright also protect graphics that were only created on a computer?

If the corresponding representation achieves the work quality defined in the UrhG, pure computer graphics can also count among the protected types of work.

How do I prevent or aggravate copyright infringements?

If you want to protect graphics or images, you can provide them with watermarks. However, this does not really prevent unauthorized betting.

What does copyright law say about graphic design?

According to the Copyright Act (UrhG), the works of Literature, science and art the copyright. This protection of intellectual property can affect both painting as well as on Computer graphics extend. It is only important that the respective creation is characterized by a sufficient degree Creativity and individuality excels.

When the necessary Height of creation for the copyright has been reached for a graphic, can flat-rate however do not determine. So it may be necessary that a dish a corresponding assessment must make.

As a rule, however, the principle: Ever more complex a representation is the more more likely it is that copyright protects a graphic. For example, a Pictogram or icon usually does not have the necessary level of creativity to print documents.

In principle, the graphically displayed Processes one Instructions for use be protected by copyright. However, in such a case, the responsible graphic designer must recognizable helped make the appearance particularly understandable or clear is. Already because of this necessary assessment shows whether a graphic is subject to copyright from individual case depends.

Copyright for a graphic: what applies to commissioned work?

Even if a designer on behalf Graphics created, the copyright usually rests with Creator. The client, on the other hand, receives the rights of use for the graphic design in accordance with the contractual agreements and can, for example, use the logo on his Integrate website.

What exactly the Client with the graphics protected by copyright, should be in a Contract for the transfer of usage rights be defined. It applies, for example, to the use of Online and offline advertising or also the Transfer of the original files to regulate.

Important! Does the graphic artist "only" set the concrete ideas or a customer's sketch is usually the result no copyright for the graphic. Rather, it is a service. However, the template or drawing must be protected by copyright.

Copyright for a graphic - short and compact

Stand out Graphics by Creativity and individuality from, these can in principle under the Copyright protection fall. This also applies to representations that are completely created on the computer become. To find out whether the copyright protects a graphic, you may need a Examination of the individual case necessary.

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Copyright in a graphic: what you should know for designers
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