Is Diocletian overrated

Classicist or innovative? On the case law of Diocletian's Rescripts Office

millennium transcends boundaries - between epochs and regions, and between disciplines. Like Millennium Studies, the journal Millennium Yearbook pursues an international, interdisciplinary approach that cuts across historical eras. Composed of scholars from various disciplines, the editorial and advisory boards welcome submissions from a range of fields, including history, literary studies, art history, theology, and philosophy. millennium also accepts manuscripts on Latin, Greek, and Oriental cultures.

The rich diversity of articles published by Millennium Yearbook encourages dialog between disciplines and national research cultures. The journal welcomes the submission of long manuscripts. While the journal does not publish individual review articles, it now accepts literature surveys. It primary accepts publications in German and English, but also considers submissions in French, Italian, and Spanish.

If you want to submit a manuscript please send it to the editor who is responsible for the area:

Wolfram Brandes, Frankfurt (Byzantine Studies and Early Middle Ages): [email protected]

Peter von Möllendorff, Gießen (Greek language and literature): [email protected]

Dennis Pausch, Dresden (Latin language and literature): [email protected]

Rene Pfeilschifter, Würzburg (Ancient History): [email protected]

Karla Pollmann, Bristol (Early Christianity and Patristics): [email protected]

Manuscripts should be submitted in anonymized form. All submissions are assessed by the responsible editor and one outside specialist (double-blind peer review).

If your manuscript is accepted, please send us a print-ready Word document that incorporates any change requests from the review process. Please also include an English-language abstract not exceeding 2,000 characters (including spaces).