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RFID key fob

General information on RFID key fobs

Contactless RFID technology has now become firmly established for a large number of applications. Access control and time recording are just two examples of the numerous areas in which RFID carriers are used. In addition to identification media in the form of classic RFID cards, the somewhat more robust alternative, the RFID key fob, is often used. This is because employees or customers can conveniently hang them on their lanyards and have them always at hand.

These small tags have the same contactless technology inside as a plastic card with an RFID transponder. Due to the stable material and the greater thickness of the tags, the RFID chip and the internal antenna are even better protected from external damage than with classic RFID plastic cards.

Advantages of RFID key fobs

  • Higher protection of the RFID technology
  • Many different shapes (round, angular, teardrop-shaped ...) and surfaces (plastic, leather, smooth, polished, rough ...) available
  • Different colors available, also printed
  • Always ready to hand by attaching it to a key ring or similar

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on our RFID key fobs. Just talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

RFID key fobs are available with virtually all common RFID chip types, which can also be delivered in plastic card form. A selection of the available RFID transponders can be found below.

Available RFID tags

If the type of RFID chip you are looking for is not there, just contact us. We will be happy to help you - of course free of charge and without obligation.

NXP Semiconductors

  • MIFARE Ultralight
  • MIFARE Ultralight C (MF0 IC U10)
  • MIFARE Classic 1K (MF1 S50)
  • MIFARE Classic 4K (MF1 S70)
  • MIFARE Plus
  • Hitag1
  • Hitag2
  • HitagS

HID Global

EM Microelectronic

  • EM4105 / EM4150
  • EM4200
  • EM4205 / EM4305
  • EM4450 / EM4550

LEGIC Identsystems AG

  • LEGIC prime MIM 256
  • LEGIC prime MIM 1024
  • LEGIC advant