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Anyone who does not associate security with Colombia is doing the country an injustice.

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, Colombia is rarely one of the first places, which is mainly a result of the country's poor image with regard to its crime and security situation. The majority of the local population still believes that you cannot travel to Colombia because there is crime everywhere, drug lords are lurking, or because you think you will be kidnapped and get into a fight. It is true that there are still some areas in the country that one should not travel to, but one should perceive and recognize the risk more realistically, that Colombia is on the right track and that travelers can enjoy numerous beauties of the country unhindered.

How safe is Colombia?

The security situation in Colombia has generally improved a lot in recent years.

This is not only stated in newspaper and internet reports or the Foreign Office, but you can also see it in the steadily increasing number of tourists and the happy returning travelers. The domestic and foreigners owe this positive development above all to the last government under President Uribe, who took a tough stance against the guerrillas and the paramilitary groups. The new president, Santos, also wants to push the peace movement forward. Especially for tourists, the risk of coming into contact with crime is not high.

The number of police officers and security forces who carry out regular checks and ensure more security in Colombia has been increased. The state invests enormous sums in the image change or the expansion of the infrastructure. A good example is the city of MedellĂ­n, formerly marked by fighting between guerrillas, paramilitaries and the army, which has developed into a showcase city that owns the first and only subway or builds libraries to improve the education of all sections of the population. In addition, Colombians are described as very open, honest and warm, which shows that not all do bad things. However, you should of course still follow certain instructions and adhere to certain travel rules of conduct.

The majority of travelers return to their home country happy and enthusiastic. Each of you feels that the Colombians are friendly and raves about this diverse country, its culture as well as its flora and fauna. Everyone said that they felt safe during the entire trip. It cannot be denied that crime is still present in Colombia. However, the reputation that Colombia attaches to being a country full of "drugs, kidnappings, guerrillas, mafia, ..." is outdated and should slowly be seen more real.

Recommended precautions

You can now travel just as easily in Colombia as in other South American countries. If you note that not all regions are accessible to tourists, if you inquire about the current situation in certain regions and if you approach travel with a healthy amount of caution, you can feel just as safe as in other countries. As in all other third world countries, but also in industrialized countries, you should pay attention to who you tell something, who you are with, where you are going and take all possible precautions to avoid theft.

  • For example, avoid being particularly conspicuous, displaying jewelry or always showing the camera.
  • Also, take care of your clothes.
  • Pay special attention to important documents.
  • At best, don't take things from strangers in the streets.
  • Do not leave drinks open in bars or nightclubs.
  • Keep an eye on your luggage anytime, anywhere.
  • Try to communicate in the local language.
  • Avoid going out at night and always try to be at least two people.
  • Don't necessarily bring up Colombian politics when talking to locals.

Our tip: Only visit areas where other tourists are staying or inquire in advance with the responsible authorities about the current security situation in various regions.

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