Will de Gea moves to Real Madrid

Transfer to Real Madrid failed: David de Gea: Why he wanted to leave Manchester United

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David de Gea has been a Manchester United top performer for years. Five years ago they almost split up, but his move to Real Madrid failed. Eric Steele, former United goalkeeping coach, has now revealed why de Gea wanted to leave.

In 2015 everything was settled. David de Gea and Real Madrid agreed on a long-term contract, only the transfer between Manchester United and Real Madrid had to be clarified.

On the last day of the summer transfer window, the games played too long and the deal was made official in time.

David de Gea subsequently extended his contract with Manchester United. But why did he want to leave? Eric Steele explains.

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Because of Van Gaal, David de Gea wanted to leave United

The former Red Devils goalkeeping coach told INEWS: "When he played under Van Gaal, he wanted to leave."

The reason? "They didn't get along. He would have gone to Real Madrid had it not been for the story on Deadline Day."

"He wasn't dissatisfied with either the fans or the club, but it was clearly something that was going on behind the scenes," added Steel.

"David de Gea will come back stronger"

Things are different now. "He has a smile on his face, the club is improving and I see no reason why he should leave."

David de Gea made a few mistakes in the 2019/2020 season that led to punk losses for Manchester United.

However, Eric Steele is certain: the Spaniard will find his strength again. Even if a new, strong competitor comes on loan from Dean Henderson (Sheffield United) at the end of the season. "David will enjoy the challenge and come back stronger," said the 65-year-old.