What makes Singapore unique

6 reasons Singapore is unique

On our way to Bali, we decided to do one Stop-over in Singapore to insert. Actually, the vacation begins when you get off the plane and into the hall of the giant Changi Airport walk.

Airport staff will be waiting for you at the entrance who will be happy to help you and answer your questions - should you have any; for example, where the exit is or where gate XY is.

It continues in the direction Airport hallwhich is quite large, but also quite clear. Signs that are posted at regular intervals will help you find the way. They explain to you that there are a total of 3 terminals at the airport, which are connected to a free one Skytrain are connected to each other.

Overall, the airport has various lounges (including two TV lounges) where you can sit down and take a breather, showers, prayer rooms, post offices, hair & beauty services and even a swimming pool.
But I find the many gardens particularly successful (Flower and sculpture gardens) that invite you to linger.

You probably don't have the time and / or inclination to take a closer look at the airport immediately after landing - after all, your time is precious - but maybe it will be something when you are on your return flight.