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Pothole column: The tuned man

In Davos it becomes clear that for today's successful masculinity, social responsibility has become a long way off. What to do?

Davos men among themselves. Where do the powerful, influential self-actualizers want to go? Photo: ap

It's one of those weeks when male dominance is presented on the catwalk: Davos is calling the global economy to a class reunion. More than three quarters of the participants are Davos men, as the sociologist Richard Sennett calls them: Expensive suits, swollen chests and zero complexes when confronted with poverty reports from Oxfam, after all, everyone is lucky.

After the show, red circles are again curled on the pictures on Twitter that do not show a woman. The jubilation is already great: Davos has never been so feminine. The proportion of women rose a whole percentage point, and now it's an incredible twenty-one. If I were a Davos man, I would smile like Buddha. One year of #MeToo - and the world celebrates the few women in Davos.

During my lifetime, a Davos man would think, there is nothing important to fear any more. Because the new data reads something like this: Men are getting richer. Twenty-six people own as much as the world's poorest 50 percent. The three richest are named Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. It just happens to be three white men over fifty.

The female half of humanity doesn't really want to get rich, it seems. The Oxfam report says, “If all of the unpaid care work for women around the world were done by one company, it would have annual sales of $ 10 trillion. That is forty-three times more than Apple currently has. ”In addition, one reads newspaper comments such as:“ According to this, the situation of women around the world has tended to deteriorate. But there are also positive examples. "

What kind of guys are they?

Nothing can kill the optimism of some people. Iceland and Scandinavia will sort it out. As if we were expecting the great population explosion on these small islands of the affluent. The small exceptional laboratories always deliver good news. See, it could work! However, it does not work. Not so. And one reason for this is the tearfulness of many men when one sets out to criticize the prevailing structures.

The prevailing conditions are largely determined by men. Nothing will change for everyone if the Davos-Mann type is not dismantled. Nothing will get better as long as successful women give Davos men in pencil skirts.

Nothing will change for everyone if the Davos-Mann type is not dismantled

It is about reckless ideals of masculinity, men who hoard wealth, prestige and influence primarily for themselves. What kind of guys are they? Amazon's Jeff Bezos launched a rocket and immediately fell in love with a woman who adores him. The exhausted partner has to make room, she probably wasn't euphoric enough. Then the stories of this megalomaniac Tesla guy, at least as immoderate as the self-loving boys from Silicon Valley.

Interested only in own wealth

Harald Welzer recently pointed out that never before has a successful group of young men chased democracies like these tech dairy boys. Davos is a whole swarm of bees like these "men". Instead of taxing the profits of their corporations at 0.5 percent, they should sing the praises of their alms, they like to call it charity. Or corporate social responsibility. Bring the Crosses of Merit!

The most idiotic defense of the status quo comes from a man by the name of Jordan Peterson, who manages to put himself in a blurb as the most important thinker since Marshall McLuhan because it is supposed to be seen by major international newspapers. In Germany he is promptly rewarded with long interviews. Marshall McLuhan! He used to appear in the queues of Woody Allen films himself - and where has Jordan Peterson been until now? He positions himself as an anti-feminist and claims that the white men defend themselves poorly.

Men who have something up their sleeves take on the Davos type because they see the damage that this megalomania causes. After all, they only fight for their own cause when they defend themselves against Davos men. The economic order in favor of less does not stop at the male body or male data. Davos men are only interested in their own wealth.

Ideal toxic masculinity

The world economic summit primarily brings together those who stand for an economic system that produces losers in series, both male and female. Eighty percent men, 65 percent of them over 50. Their work is based on ideals of toxic masculinity. But many men feel threatened when they are made aware that this masculinity is toxic.

Most recently, the Gillette company failed with a commercial. Who should then question the images of men that promote an inequality like the current one? There is constant ranting about patriarchy, but the old patriarchs still considered caring to be a matter of honor. Numbers like today would have put them to shame. They built workers' housing and felt at least indebted to those who exploited them.

The patriarch type has been successfully deconstructed for good reasons. But what followed him was the tuned self-actualizer, the Davos man. For today's successful masculinity, social responsibility has become a long way off. Where is the powerful, influential man going? Where should he go? To emancipate oneself from these images of men should primarily be the task of clever men themselves. Maybe men have nothing against feminism anymore if they don't leave this work to women.