How clean is your home on average

The perfect cleaning schedule: How often you should clean something

If you feel the same way as the author of these lines, tidying up and cleaning your home is one of the most annoying chores in everyday life. The household simply keeps us from doing other things that would actually give us much more pleasure. On the other hand, a tidy, clean living environment is a must if you want to feel comfortable at home.

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That's why it's so important to get these tedious tasks done quickly and efficiently. Proper preparation is essential here. It helps to know what is being cleaned when and how often certain corners and areas are to be cleaned. Of course, these routines also depend in part on how many people your household consists of. If you have children, for example, you will have to mop the floor a little more often. And cleaning up behind you should be part of your flesh and blood anyway.

On the whole, however, you can use the following cleaning plan as a guide for the larger tasks in the household.

To be done every day

Daily tasks in a clean household include things that can be done quickly and in a few simple steps.

make bed

As soon as you get up you should take care of your sleeping place. Throw back the covers and fluff up the pillow. Do not cover the mattress with the duvet or bedspread again immediately. Open the window and make sure that the bed is well ventilated.

Wash the dishes

Actually a natural task. This is not a challenge for households that have a dishwasher. If the dishwasher is missing, you have to overcome your weaker self to do the dishes after eating.

Kitchen surfaces

Absolute recommendation: at the end of the day, wipe all work surfaces, the stove and the sink clean. When you come into the kitchen the next morning, you can start right away.

To be done every three days

The following things don't have to be done every three days. But a rhythm of three days is appropriate here on average. Otherwise, it is enough to simply lend a hand when you see the need.

Clean the toilet

A clean toilet is one of the minimum hygienic standards. Plus, cleaning doesn't take long.


Depending on how you live, how your home is furnished and what flooring you have, sooner or later you will notice if the apartment has not been vacuumed for a while. Apart from the aesthetic perception, vacuuming is a health-preserving measure for allergy sufferers. In any case, you are not doing anything wrong if you vacuum quickly every few days. And those who like it a little more comfortable can now find countless affordable and sufficiently powerful vacuum robots in stores.

bring out garbage

If the bin bag is full or starts to smell, take it out!

Wash and hang laundry

In households with several children, the washing machine runs almost continuously. An average household in Germany consists of two people. It is enough to run the washing machine two to three times a week.

Clean doorknobs

Often forgotten, doorknobs are one of the most germ-infested places in the home. So remember to wipe it off every three days, and possibly even disinfect it.

To be done weekly

It's best to take care of the following things every week.

Wipe the dust

Whether wet or dry, once a week all surfaces and objects that apparently magnetically attract dust are hit.

Mop the floors

First vacuum, then wipe. You should freshen up the floor about once a week after vacuuming. The pleasant smell of freshly mopped floors immediately ensures that the whole apartment feels much cleaner.

Change towels

Opinions differ greatly on how often towels should be washed. Some people change their towels every day. After all, they are often wet and are therefore a breeding ground for germs. But if you hang them up in the air and let them dry well, it is enough to change them once a week.


Moisture, warmth and, last but not least, lime. Not only unsightly stains form in the bathroom. Mold can also form quickly if there is insufficient ventilation and the silicone joints can also be damaged if they are not wiped off regularly.

Cleaning the mirror

If the mirrors are not soaked in with toothpaste or make-up, it is sufficient to wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth once a week and then polish them with a dry cloth.

To be done monthly

These things are turned on about once a month.

Change bed linen

Another topic that divides housewives and housewives. If you do not suffer from an allergy or sweat profusely, it is sufficient to change the duvet covers about every four weeks. If you particularly value the pleasant feeling of fresh bed linen on your skin, it is up to you to wash the bed linen more often.

Knock out carpets

Dust and crumbs collect in carpets. They should therefore be knocked out or at least thoroughly vacuumed once a month.

Vacuum upholstered furniture

If you don't want to discover a whole biotope between the sofa cushions in a few years, we recommend vacuuming upholstered furniture every four weeks.

Clean the refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most unhygienic places in the whole household. This means that food becomes moldy and inedible more quickly. You can counteract this if you clear everything out once a month and wipe the refrigerator with a hygienic cleaner.

To be done every three months

If you take care of these things every quarter, you are on the safe side.

clean windows

Is it the coming clouds that cloud the mood, or are the windows no longer letting enough light into the room? To prevent this from happening in the first place, it is advisable to clean the windows and window frames every three months.

Cleaning the washing machine

The washing machine is a collecting drum for detergent leftovers and thus for germs. Four times a year you can throw them on without charge at 60 degrees to clean them.

Clean the oven

Stubborn encrustations do not form as quickly if you clean the oven every now and then without a reason. But don't overdo it, every three months is enough.

Cleaning doors

Have you ever wiped the doors of your home specifically? Such vertical surfaces are quickly overlooked when cleaning. You touch them every day, sometimes they get an unintentional kick. As you wipe, you will see how much neglected dirt and dust has accumulated over time.

Descale kitchen appliances

This primarily refers to the kettle, but there are some other places and devices in the kitchen in particular that scale up quickly. Regular descaling, for example with the help of citric acid or vinegar essence, helps keep the devices working properly.

Wipe out kitchen cabinets and drawers

Food, tea, spices - all of this leaves its mark in cupboards and drawers. Every three months you can clear everything out and wipe the cupboards and drawers with a damp cloth.

To be done annually

Spring cleaning is traditionally understood to be tasks like these that should be done once a year. You don't even have to wait for spring.

Wash curtains and drapes

Yes, a lot of dust also collects on curtains and drapes. In the future, you could think of sucking them off too. They should go into the laundry about once a year.

Wash pillows, blankets and mattresses

In addition to changing the duvet covers regularly, you can also plan to wash pillows and blankets once a year. For feathers and down, you should put two tennis balls in the washing machine so that the material does not clump together. The mattress topper can also do a lap in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

Sort out clothes and wipe out the wardrobe

The closet is full and yet you have nothing to wear. You are not alone with the problem. What helps: Sort out the wardrobe once a year. Clothes that you haven't put on once in the past twelve months can go away. And while you're at it, you can wipe out the closet right away.

Polishing wooden furniture

Furniture, especially wooden ones, need a certain amount of care so that they can last for a long time. You are doing them good if you treat them with a wood polish once a year.

Clean the extractor hood

Anyone who has an extractor hood will notice at some point that the device's performance is deteriorating. This could be because the filter is clogged. You can easily clean it in the dishwasher, for example. You can get filter papers in stores.

Defrost the fridge and freezer

The cooling performance of cooling devices also decreases over time. Many fridge-freezer combis are now equipped with no-frost technology. This keeps the humidity in the refrigerator low so that no layer of ice forms. At least that's the promise. But even with such new devices, ice crystals can form over time. A thin layer of ice is enough to increase costs. Defrosting the fridge and freezer once a year should be feasible.

Clean carpets

As much as you try to prevent stains, carpets inevitably collect all kinds of dirt over the years. It doesn't necessarily have to be every year, but you should definitely give your carpets for professional cleaning every two to three years.