Are the US and Canadian immigration linked

Dealing with migrants

Canada is an example of multiculturalism that works well. Canadian multiculturalism could serve as a landmark for Germany when considering migration and integration.


Canada has been a multicultural society with conviction and pride since 1971. For three decades it has responded to the challenge of its multiethnic population structure with the philosophy and politics of multiculturalism.

So far Germany has shied away from an answer to the question of how it intends to deal with its rapidly growing and still growing ethnic minorities. For two decades politics got bogged down in an effort to ward off unwanted immigrants; the discussion about a well thought-out concept for migration and the integration of migrants has only got underway in recent years. And in science, the thoughts on "multicultural society" have remained vague, because this term was quickly stylized into a value and emotionally charged stimulus word. [1]

For Germans, it is worth taking a look at Canada. There you can observe a variant of multiculturalism in statu nascendi et agendi and recognize that you can learn something from the "multicultural model Canada" for the current debate about migration and integration in your own country.