Why is the penis erect

Rettenberg. After the mysterious disappearance of a wooden penis about two meters high in the Allgäu, the police are investigating. At the weekend, the sculpture that had stood for years on the 1,738 meter high Grünten near Rettenberg (Oberallgäu district) disappeared without a trace.

As the "Allgäuer Zeitung" reported (Monday), only the stump and wood shavings remained of the phallus representation. "Someone must have sawed it in a night-and-fog operation," said the tenant of the nearby Grüntenhütte the sheet.

Pro forma an investigation has now been initiated, said Holger Stabik from the police headquarters in Kempten on Monday. One way or another, the police are still faced with a riddle: "We don't know whether it is a criminal offense or not," said the spokesman.

Because so far not even the owner of the sculpture is known, so there is still no injured party. Perhaps the owner picked up the two-meter penis himself. Nevertheless, Stabik emphasized: Every hint will be followed up - but so far none have been received.

A few weeks ago, the penis hit the headlines once after it fell over. Then the plastic carved from a trunk was put up again. Who brought the wooden penis up the mountain years ago and why is still not exactly known today. In the meantime, however, the sculpture has even been identified as a "cultural monument" by the online map service Google Maps. (dpa)