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Re: Difference between horizontal and vertical milling machines?

Contribution from Burki »Wed Oct 10, 2012, 11:54 pm

Old geezer wrote:But could the same results be achieved on a horizontal machine? (With a corresponding rethink?)
Generally, yes...

AAABER ... you have to clamp your vice turned by 90 ° upright on the router table. To do this, you need a stable clamping angle, which, however, again deprives you of travel, or you need a vice that you can swivel 90 ° upright. I can't say how stable it is, emotionally but less stable than a vice that is "normally" clamped on the router table. The forces in the Z direction are absorbed much better there. But you can ask the "quarry soldier", I think he has a swiveling vice in use.
The next problem is that you cannot tap your workpieces well onto your milling pads when your vise is upright.

The advantage of most horizontal milling machines is that you can use long milling arbors with a counter bearing, which is more stable for large chip removals, but Larry has already written that.
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