How can I sell real estate quickly

Selling property quickly - 10 tips

Do you want to sell your house quickly and hope that everything goes quickly and without problems? The following tips for selling a house quickly will help anyone who can't or doesn't want to wait long. With a few basic knowledge, it's not that difficult to find new homeowners.

Tip 1: Take a close look at costs

Homeowners have a long list of tax and cost issues to consider. Who, for example, a tenement houseless than ten years has possessedmust pay tax on the profit on sale. Then there are theAdditional purchase costs. Tax free is theSale for owner-occupiers. However, the existing loans must also be carefully examined. If you want to sell your property quickly and want to repay loans, you often have to get onePrepayment penalty numbers. It is better if the potential buyer takes over the loan. Therefore, even if you want to sell your house quickly, you should first seek advice from your bank.

Tip 2: Calculate the sales value of your property realistically

The price range is extremely different in Germany. In some rural areas the prices are very low, in metropolitan areas they are extremely high. Find out what similar houses in your area are currently costing and, if necessary, seek advice from a real estate agent or your bank. Real Estate Schaller will be happy to advise you on the Nuremberg metropolitan area.

Tip 3: Take good photos of your property

This is one of the most important tips for a quick home sale!Good photos are essential a swift trade, because this will attract the most wealthy prospects. If necessary, invest in a professional photographer if you cannot handle wide angles and various exposure options perfectly yourself. The time of the shoot should be chosen precisely. It is often worth taking photos at different times with different lighting conditions. Photographing your property from the outside under a blue sky is sure to be beneficial. Sometimes it is also good to take pictures before the house or apartment is empty and then take another picture of the empty property.

Tip 4: Play it safe with a broker

If you want to sell your home quickly and with as little hassle as possible, it is best to go to a realtor. Especially if the house was or is your own home, you should consider a realtor. It is often not easy to hear critical comments from potential buyers during viewing appointments. In addition, prospective buyers sometimes wantViewing appointments at times when you are not at home. A broker can then make these appointments without you.This will save you timeand increase your chances of a quick sale of your property.
A realtor also answers questions from potential buyers about your property with regard to the building structure, location, shopping options, etc. seriously and professionally. That creates trust and is another plus point.

Tip 5: show your home at its best

Even if you want to sell your property quickly, you should go for oneMake-up program take your time thoroughly. An attractive house makes more money than one that still has a lotCosmetic repairs queue. In the meantime there are even specialists who prepare the house specifically for sale. One then speaks of "home staging". You can now turn to such a specialist in many areas of Germany. With a bit of dedication and good taste, you can also do this work yourself.

Tip 6: look at the outside of your house

View your garden and front yard honestly and as neutrally as possible. Especially the oneFront yard and the front doorare important - after all, they take care of thefirst impression. Prepare the garden, keep the stairs clean, remove trash or children's toys, and make sure everything looks clean and tidy.

Tip 7: create space

This can be difficult if you still live in the property. Nevertheless, you should order a container before the sale and before moving and separate yourself from everything that littered basement rooms, storage rooms, pantries and garages.Make sure there is also space in the living room and pack your private things like pictures and memorabilia in moving boxes. TheLiving rooms and bedrooms should be airy and contain few personal items. The potential buyer must have the feeling of being able to set himself up in this house. When he sees too much of your things, he just "feels like you're visiting".

Tip 8: do a major cleaning job 

Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided: you will have to brush several times. Everything should be like this for both the photo session and the viewing appointmentsneat and tidy as possible be. Dirty door frames, dirty windows, cobwebs on the basement ceilings are not allowed and scare off potential buyers. Consider investing in a professional cleaning team. Sometimes you don't even see the places in your own four walls that urgently need a loving hand. EspeciallyThe kitchen and bathroom have to be sparkling cleanand should contain only a few personal items. Don't forget: Potential buyers can also open the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom and look inside! Also, don't forget before the viewing appointmentsto ventilate sufficiently!

Tip 9: do repairs and beautification

 This is especially importantif you no longer live in the property and the property is already vacant. Then a few thousand euros can be worthwhile for painters and craftsmen, because the house price rises a lot as a result. Have the walls painted in light and neutral colors, ensure clean floors and neat doors. If there are any problems with sockets or strips, have them repaired. The buyer must have the feeling of being able to move in at any time without a great deal of personal effort.

Tip 10: Make sure you have all the important documents and be positive towards reviewers

If you want to sell your property yourself, you have to take care of all the documents that are important for the buyer. It is therefore advisable to use a broker for this. Don't say no in case a potential buyer is theValuation of your property by an appraiser wishes. Appraisers appointed by the buyer must alsopaid by the buyerbecome. Depending on the condition of your property, he will find defects or assess the condition positively. However, if there is no business deal, you can use this report as a thought-provoking thought. Now you know exactly what you need to improve so that your house can soon find a new owner.

You should have these documents ready when you sell your property:

  • Official land map
  • Land register extract
  • Floor plans / construction plan
  • Calculation of living space
  • Calculation of the built-up space
  • Energy certificate
  • Construction contract
  • Proof of monument protection regulations
  • Long-term leases
  • For rented properties: copies of rental contracts and proof of rental income, utility bills for the past three years
  • List of modernizations / renovations
  • Craftsman's invoices for all major repairs and alterations
  • Guarantee certificates, invoices and instructions for use for fixtures such as heating, fireplace or kitchen
  • Maintenance records